Prince William & Kate Middleton May Be in Disagreement About Baby #4

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Prince William, Kate Middleton
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Is it just us, or are we sensing some tension lately between Prince William and Kate Middleton? Apparently, Kate said William is done having kids, so all that speculation that we could see Kate pregnant with baby #4 soon? Well, it sounds like it's something that might never happen. 

We didn't see this coming, that's for sure.

  • While Kate and Will were visiting Bradford this week, she apparently let this detail slip. 

    According to People, while Kate was talking with a fan named Josh Macpalce, the topic of her children came up, at which point she said, "I don't think William wants any more." 

    Um, what? That's news to us! 

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  • Kate already has three kids -- we wouldn't blame her if she wanted to stop there. 

    Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte
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    Between Charlotte, George, and Louis, we don't doubt that she's busy (especially when considering her royal duties on top of her life as a mom). If she doesn't want to have four kids, that's totally understandable.

    But the way Kate said this made it sound as if Will is the one who's putting his foot down, and obviously, this is something that they should both be on the same page about.

  • It appears something has definitely shifted in Will and Kate's marriage lately.

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
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    Remember when Will was accused of having an affair last year with Kate's BFF, Rose Hanbury? We never got a definitive answer on whether or not that was true.

    But we have sensed a bit of awkwardness between them, and we really hope everything is OK behind the scenes. This latest development doesn't do much to make them seem more united, though.

  • Here's hoping they drop more hints soon. 

    Obviously, the decision to have another child is a personal one -- and one that totally remains up to Will and Kate to make together.

    But we are hoping they'll update us at some point. Is Louis the last one? We need to know!