Amy Duggar Picks a Side in Derick Dillard & Jim Bob Duggar's Feud

Amy Duggar

For as long as we've known the Duggar family, we've known for sure that Amy Duggar doesn't hold back -- and now, her cousin's husband, Derick Dillard, isn't either. So it's no surprise that now that Amy is taking sides in Derick's feud with Jim Bob, the Counting On cousin is sharing exactly where she stands -- and it's exactly what we suspected from the beginning. 

  • Lately, Derick's been very open about his distrust of his father-in-law, Jim Bob. 

    While getting candid with fans in the comments of his Instagram posts, Derick revealed that Jim Bob isn't letting Jill visit her family if he's not home, and that he's withheld everyone's earnings from Counting On, instead pocketing them all himself -- yikes.

    Basically, it's no surprise that we don't see Jill with her side of the family often ... and it's been a long time since these two have been appearing on the show in any kind of real capacity. 

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  • Now, Amy's showing her support for Derick on Twitter.

    We have no idea how the rest of the Duggars feel about Derick being so honest on social media, but it's pretty clear that this one is on board.

    Not that we're surprised -- we've always felt like Amy's getting the short end of the stick when it comes to her family, so she might feel exactly the same way that Derick does. 

  • We'd love to hear what Amy and Derick both have to say about the Duggar family.

    We have a feeling that there's still a lot of tea to be spilled ... and that Amy probably has behind-the-scenes stories of her own to share that could turn out to be shocking.

    In the meantime, it's good to see Amy offering up her solidarity. We have a feeling Derick's even more the black sheep of the fam than he was before, and that's saying something.

  • We're ready for that tell-all book whenever Derick is. 

    And until then, we'd love to hear any dirt Amy has on the family. 

    After the years we've dedicated to following along with the Duggars, we want the truth... and it doesn't hurt that this is such a juicy situation, either. Bring it on!