15 Royals With Regular Jobs Outside the Palace Walls

Kayla Gleeson | Jan 16, 2020 Celebrities
15 Royals With Regular Jobs Outside the Palace Walls
Image: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

princess eugenie princess beatrice trooping
Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Let's put it on the table: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are clearly done with this royal business. After what the media has put them through, who wouldn't be? They clearly just want to do things that matter without the hassle. With so many people scrutinizing their decision, a question keeps popping up: Is it possible to lead a normal life as a royal?

Well, sorta. Fanfare included, there are plenty of royals around the world who don't let fame get in the way of doing the things they love -- that includes chasing after their own careers! Yes, royal family members can go to work just like us.

Who on earth would want to work if they were royalty? Lots of royal fam members, it turns out. In fact, it seems like royal family members have a lot of work to do to begin with. There's all sorts of travel and public pressures involved. It sort of mimics a true politician's job, so make no mistake: Being a royal is anything but relaxing.

This being said, why would any one of them want to work more? Princess Eugenie, for example, is the director of an art gallery (on top of her other royal duties!). There's no doubt that Queen Elizabeth must be extra proud of her working family members. We hope that when Harry and Meghan decide on their new plans as nonsenior royals, they'll be happy doing whatever they love.

From dukes to earls and princes to princesses from various countries, we love seeing royals break tradition and thrive. Here are a few of them who show us that working while royal is NBD!

  • Princess Eugenie

    princess eugenie blue dress yellow hat carriage
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    We all loved her wedding to Jack Brooksbank, but DYK -- this royal is actually the director of Hauser & Wirth? She started as the associate director but moved her way up in the art gallery. According to an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she's had a passion for art since she was "very little."

  • Prince Nazim


    Here's his full name: Prince Nazim Ziyaeddin Nazim Osmanoğlu of the Ottoman Empire. He isn't just a prince -- he's also a hilarious comedian! He doesn't let a royal title get in the way of making people around the world laugh.

  • Zara Tindall

    zara tindall horse riding
    Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images

    Royals usually aren't allowed to horse around -- at least not outside of the royal stables. Luckily, this doesn't apply to Zara Tindall, who is an equestrian champion! Not only this, but Zara also recently accepted an offer as the director of Cheltenham Racecourse. The Queen must be so proud of her granddaughter.

  • Prince Nikolai

    prince nikolai model modeling
    Jun Sato/WireImage

    Here's another reason to go to Denmark: Prince Nikolai, the prince of Denmark, isn't just a royally pretty face -- he's also a model! Last year, though, he enrolled at Copenhagen Business School, so he might be switching gears.

  • Princess Marie-Chantal


    The glitz and glam of being a royal is cool and all, but what about the people designing the glitz and glam? Meet Princess Marie-Chantal, a princess in Greece, who leads a children's clothing line (titled Marie-Chantal).

  • Prince Joachim

    prince joachim belgium navy uniform
    Didier Lebrun/Photonews via Getty Images

    Let's all give a salute to Prince Joachim of Belgium, who is a full-fledged Navy officer. Forget the crown -- this prince is absolutely rocking that hat! We're glad to see that royals can serve their country in a big way.

  • Prince Amedeo

    prince amedeo princess elisabetta maria rosboch von wolkenstein wedding
    Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

    This looks like a scene out of a fairy tale, but what if Prince Charming was also a finance ace? That's the case for Prince Amedeo, who works for a bank in addition to being a prince of Belgium like Prince Joachim.

  • Princess Beatrice

    princess beatrice blue red hat carriage
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    This princess means business -- and we mean business! Princess Beatrice of York works in finance and consulting at a software company called Afiniti, where she acts as vice president of partnerships and strategy.

  • Princess Märtha Louise

    Princess Märtha Louise derby hat dress
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    Princesses don't balance books on their head -- they read and write them! Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is an author who wrote the popular children's story, Why Kings and Queens Don't Wear Crowns.

  • King Emmanuel Bushayija


    They say it's not easy being king -- imagine how it must feel to also balance that responsibility with a job. King Emmanuel Bushayija additionally runs a security company and was named king of Rwanda as a Manchester resident!

  • Earl of Snowdon


    Craftsman, author, and lecturer -- David Armstrong-Jones, the Second Earl of Snowdon, has had quite the career over the years. The former Viscount Linley now serves as chairman for the auction house Christie's in Europe, Middle East, Russia, and India.

  • Princess Michael

    princess michael of kent flowers
    Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for South Coast Plaza

    Just like Princess Märtha Louise, Princess Michael of Kent is also an author. However, she's written several books in her career -- and before that, she was an interior designer! A princess of all trades (and master of all).

  • Princess Anne

    princess anne black dress
    Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Fun fact: Princess Anne was a trained Olympian! That's right -- even though she's Queen Elizabeth's daughter, it didn't stop her from competing as an equestrian. She was the first royal family member to compete in the games!

  • Prince Edward

    prince edward podium
    James Gourley/Getty Images

    The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, ran his own production company called Adrent Productions. He helped to create a number of documentaries and other films for over a decade. Royalty doesn't stand in passion's way.

  • Prince Constantijn


    Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands worked as a lawyer before getting his degree in business administration. He works at RAND Corporation Group and at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.

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