The Reason Meghan Markle Didn't Call In to Meeting With the Queen Is a Little Insulting

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As royal fans and haters know, Prince Harry had a meeting with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William on Monday to discuss his future role in the royal family. The emergency meeting was called after Harry and Meghan Markle dropped the bomb on Instagram last week, saying, in so many words, they no longer want to be part of the monarchy. Noticeably absent from the meeting, though, was the Duchess of Sussex, who's reportedly back in Canada. Initially, it was reported that Meghan was going to phone in to the discussion, but then she didn't -- and we're hearing contradicting reasons about her absence.

  • As the story goes, Prince Harry was the only Sussex who stuck around to deal with the aftermath of their announcement, and rightfully so -- it's his family.

    Initially, it was reported that Meghan was going to join the meeting via conference call while she was back in Canada with the couple's son. However, there was no phoning in. After a flurry of stories were released about Meghan calling in to the meeting, the palace released a statement, saying: "In the end, The Sussexes decided that it wasn't necessary for The Duchess to join."

    That said, Harry was reportedly keeping Meghan abreast to everything via text.

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  • However! That may not be the real reason Meghan wasn't a part of the discussion. 

    According to Daily Mail royal reporter Richard Kay the duchess was "barred" from calling into the meeting. And the reason? "No one knew for sure who else might have been listening in."

    Yikes! Do they really not trust Meghan to that degree?!

    "This was a highly confidential family discussion, not a conference call," one palace source said.

  • It's also being reported that while Meghan was back in Canada, Harry arrived two hours early to the meeting to give the Queen his side of the story. 

    Apparently, whatever Harry told his grandmother resonated, because as we all know, she's given her permission for the Sussexes to take a step back from royal life. 

    However, talks aren't quite over. There reportedly are more meetings and discussions to come -- mainly involving Harry and Meghan's finances and future branding. 

    According to Kay, Prince Charles is worried Harry is going to want to continue to receive money from the Duchy of Cornwall. "He doesn't have unlimited resources. Harry needs to know that," a royal source said.  

    However, Kay also reported that Sussexes may receive money prevent them from, in so many words, cashing in on the royal family's name.

    "There will be strict instructions on branding, for example," a source said. "No one wants to see the Sussex name on a tub of margarine." 

  • The royal family has been transparent(ish) about what's going on so far, so hopefully we'll be kept in the loop in the coming weeks. 

    Rest assured, though, things are probably going to get ugly. Not only do things always get weird when money is involved, but Harry and Meghan probably didn't love the fact that she wasn't allowed to call in out of fear of who was listening.

    Talk about an insult.