Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Claims His New Girlfriend Dated His Son First

Duane Chapman, Moon Angell

It's been more than six months since Beth Chapman passed away after battling cancer, but it seems like Dog the Bounty Hunter might be moving on -- but not without a little bit of drama. According to Dog's daughter, Lyssa, Dog's new girlfriend dated his son first ... and she's already trying to move Beth's stuff out of the house.

Uh, what?

  • According to Lyssa's recent tweets, Dog's rumored new girlfriend, Moon Angell, is causing trouble for her family. 

    Moon apparently worked as Beth's assistant and then dated Lyssa's brother, and now, apparently, she's going after Dog too? What bothers us more than that, though, is that as Lyssa tells it, she's trying to wipe Beth's presence out of their home.

    Of course, none of this has been confirmed ... and neither has Dog's relationship with her. But Lyssa seems pretty upset.

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  • Lyssa went on to share that she does not support this relationship -- if it does, in fact, exist. 

    If everything else she's saying is true, we certainly can't blame her for not being a fan of her dad's new girlfriend. And combine that with the fact that she's probably still mourning the loss of her mother, it's not surprising that she feels this way.

  • For the most part, it sounds like fans are on Lyssa's side.

    Facebook comments

    We truly can't blame Dog the Bounty Hunter for wanting to move on. After all, the grieving process looks different for everybody, and he's the only one who can decide when the right time to date again might be.

    But then again, Lyssa's pretty upset ... and like the commenters said, she's not the only one who would feel weird about this situation. 

  • Whatever's going on, we hope the family can sort it all out soon. 

    With everything they've been through over the past year, the Chapmans should stick together. It breaks our heart to see that there's been friction between them lately.

    Hopefully, they'll be able to figure something out. Losing someone as important as Beth was to their family isn't easy, but they still have each other. 

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