15 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off Princess Diana's Engagement Ring

Kayla Gleeson | Jan 14, 2020 Celebrities
15 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off Princess Diana's Engagement Ring
Image: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

kate middleton princess diana ring
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

When it comes to engagement rings, we all want them to be special. Whether they have engravings, specific gems, or pure gold, everyone has their preference! No ring, however, seems to top the one Princess Diana had. Prince Charles proposed to her in 1981, and Diana got to choose the ring herself! A 12-carat sapphire with 14 diamonds around the center stone -- who could ask for more? Although Princess Diana is no longer with us, it's great to see that her spirit still lives on when it comes to her taste in jewelry. There's only one royal who would have been fit for that ring, and that's Kate Middleton. Plus, it's no secret that the Duchess of Cambridge loves to show it off.

We love how Prince William clearly saw the value and beauty in his mother's ring -- so much so that he presented it onto Kate Middleton when he proposed back in 2010! Since then, she's worn it everywhere -- and we mean everywhere. We can't really name one picture where she's not rocking that rock. With such a legacy laced into it (in addition to how sweet Prince Harry was to give it to his brother) who wouldn't be wearing it 24/7? That's why we've compiled all the up-close money shots of where she's seriously flaunting it.

Speaking of money, did we mention how much the ring is worth? When Prince Charles bought it in 1981, it was worth around $37,000. Allegedly, because of its sentimental value (now worn by two royals) it's now worth about $500,000. That's half a million dollars, in case we weren't clear. Needless to say, Kate wears it well!

  • Royal Engagement

    prince william kate middleton engagement ring
    BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images

    The press was dying to get a few pics (and words) from Prince William and Kate Middleton after their engagement was announced. Will seems focused on the camera, but Kate's eyes are clearly stuck to that gorgeous rock!

  • Casual Flaunt

    kate middleton engagement ring blue
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    "Oh this? Yeah, it's only worth a few hundred thousand pounds. NBD." Seriously -- try as anyone may, there's no replicating the price value of this gem. If anyone was meant to rock it after Diana, it's Kate Middleton!

  • Subtle Tease

    kate middleton green diana engagement ring
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    It's safe to say that Kate isn't trying to bring the attention to her ring -- but it's hard not to make it the focus of the picture! There's nothing subtle about it -- whether she decks herself in other jewels or not, this ring would still stick out!

  • All Smiles

    kate middleton princess diana blue ring
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Who wouldn't be grinning ear to ear if they were wearing half a million dollars worth of jewelry? That's not even counting the other accessories she usually wears! To say the least, she's one royally lucky lady!

  • Red & Blue

    kate middleton red princess diana ring
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Work it, duchess! She's giving us some royal realness in this shot. We all know that Kate looks absolutely stunning in red, but the blue of her ring gives her look and extra flair! Toe to tip, that is one fashionable royal!

  • Sporty Spice

    kate middleton princess diana ring blue
    Karwai Tang/WireImage

    Yeah, does anyone else wear their expensive ring out with their tracksuit? We're just checking. Real talk, though, who wouldn't? Kate has no problem with sporting some bling while watching some sports!

  • Keeping Watch

    kate middleton princess diana blue ring sunglasses
    Karwai Tang/WireImage

    Kate Middleton is judging us. OK, obviously not, but she is rocking a pretty serious vogue look here. Everyone knows the best way to throw shade is with some shades -- and by wearing more money than any enemy could dream of.

  • Royal Pride

    kate middleton princess diana blue ring
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    Kate must have some serious royal (and wifely) pride to be wearing her huge ring wherever she goes. It represents so much more than just her dedication to William -- it seems like a true nod to Princess Diana's legacy.

  • Peek-a-Boo

    kate middleton princess diana blue ring
    Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

    Don't look at her! Look at the pricey rock instead! Sorry Kate, but there's no hiding that face when everyone's eyes are on that ring. She always seems to unintentionally model it for the public -- which is fine by us!

  • 'It' Girl

    kate middleton princess diana blue ring
    Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    Kate Middleton is an idol to so many women for so many reasons! Aside from how fabulous she looks in every piece of jewelry she wears, she also makes so many bold statements through her work. She's jewelry and attitude #inspo.

  • First Class

    kate middleton princess diana blue ring
    Chris Jackson - WPA Pool /Getty Images

    Look at the glimmer on this one! This ring shows all kinds of blues in a certain light. If we were Kate, we'd be flashing this wherever we went, too. Being a first class citizen (with a first class bank account) must be nice!

  • Crowd Spotting

    kate middleton princess diana blue ring
    Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

    The Duchess of Cambridge is easy to spot in a crowd -- and that ring is even easier to pick out! For real, if that gem was any bigger, her hand would hurt all day! Luckily, it's just the right fit for Kate.

  • Pointing Fingers

    kate middleton pointing princess diana blue ring
    Kevork Djansezian - Pool/Getty Images

    Back off, ladies! This ring is hers and she means business! While we love this serious expression, we're focused on her hand. She might as well be pointing at her own ring finger since it draws its own attention!

  • Sparkle Sparkle

    kate middleton princess diana ring blue
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    Ever wondered how Kate's ring looks in the light? Well, here it is. Gorgeous as ever, obviously. The shine of the rock mimics how bright Kate's smile is! She really brings her own light to the day, too, just by being herself.

  • Good Show

    kate middleton smirk princess diana blue ring
    Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

    Kate makes a grand show of her ring -- Princess Diana would be proud! We're glad Prince William gave it to her. We're still not over how sweet that was! Both of them are doing a great job carrying on her name.

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