18 Times the Duggar Family Made Headlines in 2019

Nicole Pomarico | Dec 13, 2019 Celebrities
18 Times the Duggar Family Made Headlines in 2019

Duggar Family

It's been a huge year for the Duggar family, and it doesn't seem like they're slowing down anytime soon! In 2019, we saw a lot of changes for this reality TV fam as the Counting On cameras continued to roll, because with a group this size, something is always bound to be happening. And now that the year is coming to an end and we're getting ready to say goodbye to this decade, it looks like they have a lot to be thankful for ... and somehow, this already massive family managed to get even bigger this year.

Unfortunately, like most years, there were dark spots too -- like Joy-Anna's stillbirth and when the family had to say goodbye to Grandma Mary Duggar. But there's good news: It seems like there were certainly far more happy moments than sad ones. So many new babies were born and pregnancies were announced, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Through social media and the TLC show, we got to see all the triumphs. New house purchases, big moves ... it's like every big life milestone that could happen did happen to someone in this family this year, and it's a lot to take in.

Read on for all the best moments that happened for the Duggar family in 2019. They have a lot to celebrate as this year comes to a close, and we have a feeling that 2020 might be even better for them. We can't wait to find out what the future has in store ... and hopefully, we'll get to see it all unfold in more new episodes of Counting On.

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