Jon Gosselin's Journey To Gaining Custody of Hannah & Collin

Nicole Pomarico | Dec 13, 2019 Celebrities
Jon Gosselin's Journey To Gaining Custody of Hannah & Collin

Collin Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

In the more than 10 years since Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin divorced and went their separate ways, a lot has happened in their family -- especially where custody of their children is concerned. Although at first Jon was estranged from his children for years, eventually he fought for custody for two of the kids: Hannah and Collin. It seems they both made it clear to Jon that they'd rather live with him, and now that they both do, it appears all three of them are living much happier and more peaceful lives than they were before.

Although Jon and Kate were once part of a golden reality TV family on their TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, unfortunately, they learned that they were better off apart than together, and that meant going through a painful split.

Sadly, that split had an effect on their children too.

It's hard to imagine what Jon has had to go through since splitting with Kate -- especially because  their divorce and everything that's happened since wasn't exactly amicable -- but in the end, he managed to do right by his kids, and hopefully (in the future), he'll get to spend more time with the rest of them as well. 

Read on for Jon's journey to having custody of both Hannah and Collin. It certainly wasn't an easy (or cheap) fight, but in the end, he managed to win. And now, it seems as if both kids are doing well living under Jon's care. Seeing the happy photos he shares of both of them on Instagram appears to make what had to be two stressful and emotional court battles completely worth it.

Way to go, dad! 


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