Jessa Duggar Says Goodbye to Another Family Member

Jessa Seewald

Such a sad time for the Duggar family -- especially Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald. Sadly, Ben's grandfather passed away not long after Thanksgiving, and now, Jessa is paying tribute to his memory with a sweet post on Instagram. 

This has to be such a hard time for them, but it seems like Jessa and Ben have plenty of good memories they'll never forget. 

  • Jessa shared that Grandpa Seewald had died, and posted a sweet photo of him and Felicity. 

    "Goodbyes are always hard, but especially when you feel they will probably be your last," Jessa wrote. "With uncertainties of declining health and cancer taking over, God was so kind to give us a final Thanksgiving weekend with Grandpa Eaton. As we grieve our loss here on earth, we take comfort in the hope that he is with the Lord." 

    So sad -- but we are glad to hear that the family got to spend another Thanksgiving together. 

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  • Ben shared another photo of his grandpa with Felicity, along with his own tribute.

    "Thankful to have had time together over Thanksgiving. Special moments. We love you, Grandpa," he wrote. "You are missed, but I believe we will meet again before long, with both of us in perfect health, and sing together the praise of our Savior who died to cleanse us of our sins reconcile us to God." 

  • This is the second grandparent loss Jessa and Ben's family have had this year.

    In June, grandma Mary Duggar passed away at 78, and because she was such a big part of the family's daily lives, it seemed like everyone was really feeling that loss.

    Now, Ben's lost his grandfather, too. It's really tough stuff to go through, but at least he and Jessa have each other (and their three adorable kiddos) to lean on.

  • We'll be thinking of Jessa, Ben, and the Seewalds.

    It's never easy to experience a death in the family -- especially during the holiday season -- but it seems like they have plenty of happy memories with their grandfather to look back on. 

    We're sending them tons of love!