Kate Middleton Spotted Out for a Stroll With Prince Louis & Lupo

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kate middleton
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In case you thought Kate Middleton was in the midst of a never-ending slew of holiday parties, galas, and receptions at various palaces, here's something to bring you back down to earth: Kate Middleton and Prince Louis were spotted going for a walk recently, along with their dog, Lupo

And the details prove that the Duchess of Cambridge is just as normal as we'd all hoped. 

  • Over the weekend, an eagle-eyed journalist and royal watcher was having tea at the Kensington Palace Pavilion when she spotted none other than the Duchess of Cambridge. 

    Apparently, Kate was going for a casual stroll with her 19-month-old, as well as her English cocker spaniel. Out of respect, the royal fan didn't post photos of Kate, Louis, and Lupo, but from the sound of things, the duchess was keeping things pretty low-key and casual. 

    How very Kate!

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  • Overall, fans appreciated the fact that the reporter didn't invade Kate's privacy by snapping photos of her, but understandably, a few were disappointed. 

    kate middleton
    Splash News

    Although many responded with sentiments such as "Wow that’s awesome" and "I love that you didn’t take a picture. Good on you! That’s a true fan," one fan said they were sorry not to see pics. 

    In response, the journalist wrote: "[Louis] is getting so big!"

    Well, that's something!

  • Even though they have three kids to keep their hands full, Kate and Prince William are known to still love on their dog often. 

    In addition to featuring Lupo in official portraits, there have been numerous occasions where the Cambridges have been spotted spending time with their pup -- without the kids.

    Look at how Kate is loving on her dog while sitting on a rock in the middle of the woods. 

    Talk about a lucky pooch! Clearly, he's one of the family.

  • No doubt about it. Kate is wild for all of her children, but from the sound of things, she and Louis have a particularly special bond lately. 

    Not long after it was reported that Kate has been taking Prince Louis to weekly music classes (yes, herself!), she told a young fan that he reminded her of her youngest.

    While speaking with a group of children at a Christmas tree farm recently, Kate told a little boy: "You remind me of my little Louis. He keeps saying 'Me, me, me,' and he wants to come everywhere with me."

    So cute!

    Even though we always love photos of the Cambridge kids, we're happy Kate's private stroll with Louis wasn't posted online. Let a mom take a walk with her baby and dog in peace. 

    That said, we're awaiting the Christmas photos with bated breath!