Inside Katie Holmes' $4.6 Million Mansion

Inside Katie Holmes' $4.6 Million Mansion

Katie Holmes $4.6 million house
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Katie Holmes has been synonymous with New York for years -- ever since she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise in one of the most gangsta moves in Hollywood history. (She secretly established residency in the city to gain leverage on child custody.) So, it was kind of a surprise when we heard that she was selling her home in the Los Angeles suburb -- and Kardashian-Jenner stronghold -- of Calabasas. It's a home she bought quietly in 2014, likely as a way to be able to spend more time with love at the time Jaime Foxx, whose 40-acre estate is in nearby Hidden Hills where Kimye's compound is located. The couple, who had been together for six years, called it quits this summer, of course, so we're guessing that for Katie and daughter Suri Cruise it was time to pull up stakes and let go of the house. 

Truth be told, it would have been hard for us to move on from this mansion. It's listed as a Grand Contemporary European Manor in capital letters by Sotheby's, and has six bedrooms, 6 1/2 bathrooms, and something called a Guest Casita -- a smaller house on the property to which visitors can skedaddle so they don't cramp Katie's style. 

Situated inside an exclusive gated community called The Oaks, the 6,200-square-foot $4.6 million beauty bumps up against a nature preserve of pristine rolling hills, and a look inside reveals a bunch of creature comforts. Getting a peek Katie's home is quite a treat, considering the famously private actress and director is generally mum about details of hers and Suri's lives. So while we'll never know if Katie and Khloé Kardashian, who also lives in The Oaks, ever hung out and bonded over lost loves or being single moms, we'll at least know exactly where she kept the wardrobe that made her a cool mom fashion icon

Here's a tour of Katie's Calabasas home, on the market now, if anyone has a spare few million. 

  • Major Curb Appeal


    Katie's house may be tucked inside an exclusive gated community, but her house is anything but pretentious. Sure, it's clearly huge, but its understated color and positioning behind a tree says "cozy home" rather than "glitzy mansion."

  • Come on In


    This is such a great introduction to the relaxed vibe of this house. The stairs are lovely but not overdone or intimidating, and the wood floors are inviting in a way that cold glazed stone could never be -- and we love how the loft area breaks up this big space. It all just looks so livable.

  • Chill Zone


    Yup, we could definitely lounge/nap/read/chat, as well as Netflix and chill, or yeah, actually watch TV on that couch. The possibilities are endless. Does the house come with a wait staff, too? Cause that's pretty much all it's missing.  

  • Eat, Drink & Be Merry


    We figure Katie must do a lot of entertaining, considering that she has one child, and there's room for 11 people in this gorgeous, modern kitchen that's probably twice the size of Katie's New York apartment (yeah, right!). 

  • Bottoms Up!


    Oh, yeah, it's definitely going down. An entire room behind the kitchen with a wine fridge and enough counter space for, like, 2,000 canapes? Parties have definitely happened here, and we're miffed we never got a single evite.

  • Subtle Elegance


    For a formal dining room, this room is pretty laid-back, thanks to the low-key chandelier and the view to the backyard pool. Who wouldn't want to be invited over to share a meal and some gossip with Katie while sitting in those elegant but comfy chairs? 

  • Pure Drama


    This living room really offers the best of both worlds. During the day, those massive windows let in so much beautiful light that we wouldn't be surprised if they made this Katie's favorite spot in the house. But draw those dramatic curtains shut and start a fire, and it's easy to imagine the room as a setting for an intimate night in for two, or even a small cocktail party.

  • Work It Out


    Katie Holmes keeps fit, thanks to lots of running, boxing, hot yoga, spinning. (She even ran the New York City marathon once.) Part of her reason? Setting a good example for Suri. It's no wonder she has a mini gym with great equipment at home. 

  • Meditate on This


    The color palette in this house is just lovely, like they were lifted from the world's most zen hillside beach: Whites that are pure or touched with the lightest gray; the faced lilac and blue-green of old glass bottles; driftwood brown. Blood pressure: low.

  • Master of All 


    There's not a lot of furniture in the master bedroom. And while it does look a bit bare, waking up to a wall full of windows that face a nature preserve must make up for it. And we have to talk about the floor. We love that the wood planks aren't rigidly one color, pattern, or texture. The diversity is what makes it beautiful (especially those wrinkly bits). 

  • The Perfect Nook


    There are so many comfy corners to retreat to in this house, like this one is in the master bedroom -- which serves as a refuge within a refuge. The introvert in us wants to jump into this picture and never leave this light-filled delight.

  • A Different Kind of Star Gazing


    Breakups are hard, and the fishbowl life as a celebrity in Hollywood can be brutal. Katie's antidote is to take 20 minutes each morning to list the things that she's grateful for. This terrace seems like the perfect spot to do that, and to watch the stars twinkle at night. 

  • A Bathroom With a View


    There's nothing worse than jostling for space in a bathroom, especially when it pits two people who normally love each other against one another (spoiler alert, hubby: We need to put our face on, and we're going to win). That's not a problem in this super spacious one, with a double vanity and a relaxing hot tub facing a hill.

  • Business Central


    Looks like this is where Katie chose to handle her business while in LA. A very cool and modern desk in the loft area halfway down the house's main stairs. Makes sense. Welcoming, but not too intimate, because as we know from the way she handled her divorce, Katie may look sweet, but she's one cool customer when it comes to getting what she wants.

  • In the Closet


    Gotta be honest, this is way smaller than we would have expected for Katie, who has become a cool-mom fashion icon. Still, though, it doesn't rival fellow Calabasas resident Kim Kardashian's closets, plural, it's got enough room for her Cali-ready clothes and accessories.   

  • Follow the Light


    Sometimes, the in-between spaces in a house can be as charming as any room -- like this hallway, for example. We love the graceful and high arches and how the lovely amount of light subtly turns the light gray walls into a gleaming white.  

  • Fun Zone


    This isn't a picture of the pool area at an exclusive resort, this is Katie's backyard -- which includes not just a pool, but a fire pit, a hot tub, and a grill area. If Katie can't find a buyer for the house, maybe she can turn it into high-end a spa!

  • Sun-Kissed Spot


    This space is made just for margaritas and friends, isn't it? Looks like the kind of corner two people who just met at one of Katie's pool parties might head toward to get away from the crowd. It's also the perfect place to gather pals for a debriefing brunch after a wild Saturday night. 

  • Ballin'


    A backyard basketball court is kinda a sad reminder that Katie and ex Jaime Foxx used to attend basketball games together and were once spotted playing one-on-one on Valentine's Day. Ah, the memories. 

  • Party in the Back


    The front of Katie's house may be relatively unassuming, but the back sure isn't. It gives a better sense of the scale of the place, and surely provides a great backdrop for a nighttime soiree. Picture it: The lights are on, the music is going, people are mingling. What a life.

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