Abbie Duggar Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump

Abbie Duggar

It's official: Abbie Duggar is glowing! While sharing a family photo this week, Abbie showed off a bump update, and we can't believe how she's popped over the last few weeks! Although she and John David have kept things pretty quiet on social media since announcing that she was expecting, we love seeing these kinds of pics. Bring it on! 

  • Abbie shared a photo of her and her fam (and JD's fam) on a night out. 

    She looks too adorable!! And it looks like both sets of their parents were able to be there -- plus a few siblings, including Jana Duggar.

    "We had a WONDERFUL time with our parents and some siblings at the @thecollingsworthfamily concert last night in Oklahoma, what a way to bring in the Christmas season!!!" Abbie wrote.

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  • The official Duggar account also shared pics and videos from the event. 

    "Had a wonderful time tonight at @thecollingsworthfamily Christmas show in Oklahoma! That family can sing!! Wow! It was also really special to meet up with Abbie’s parents for the concert!" said the caption.

    So sweet! 

  • It seems like Abbie's had a pretty rough time with her pregnancy.

    After all, she was hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum (just like Kate Middleton, although we're sure Abbie would rather not have HG), so it can't have been an easy experience for her at all.

    So we're extra glad to see her out, about, and smiling. We're sure this lady could use a little fun in her life ... and we hope things have gotten easier for her now that she's finally reached the tail end of her pregnancy! 

  • Only one more month until baby is here! 

    We sure hope Abbie and John David are ready for this huge life change that's coming their way ... but we have a feeling they're more excited than anything else.

    We can't wait for more updates. We can't believe Abbie's due date is right around the corner!