Prince William Is Reportedly Relieved Prince Harry Won't Be at Christmas

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Prince Harry, Prince William, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton
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Looks like Prince William isn't planning on missing Prince Harry around the Christmas tree this year! In fact, according to a new report, William is glad Harry won't be at Christmas, because apparently, the sibling rivalry is real in the royal family these days.

With the recent feud rumors, we can't say we're surprised by this. 

  • Harry and Meghan are skipping out on Christmas with the Queen to do their own thing, and Will reportedly doesn't mind. 

    Prince William, Prince Harry
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    A source close to the situation told In Touch that William is actually "secretly relieved" he gets to celebrate the holidays this year without his brother in tow.

    "William's grown tired of Harry feeling sorry for himself," the insider said.

    Hmm. We can't say that adjusting to life with a newborn and defending his wife against the media are Harry feeling sorry for himself exactly, but if that's how Will feels ... 

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  • As for Kate? Well, she's feeling a little jealous. 

    Kate Middleton
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    Apparently, she's upset that Harry and Meghan "get to do their own thing," and now she "wants to back out of Christmas with the royals, too." 

    Not that we blame her -- celebrating the holidays as part of a royal family has to be exhausting. Forget about staying in pajamas while opening gifts on Christmas morning! We'd be jealous, too.

    But Meghan's obviously had a pretty intense year, so we can't blame her for wanting to be back in her home country with her mom now that the holiday season is here. And after the whirlwind her life has been over the past two years since marrying Harry, this lady has earned a break.

  • We can definitely see how there might be tension between these royal brothers. 

    Prince Harry, Prince William
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    We haven't seen them together nearly as much since Harry and Meghan got married. Of course, that's to be expected -- Harry now has a wife and a baby, and Will welcomed a third child of his own around the same time. But if there actually is friction there, we wouldn't be surprised in the least.

  • Hopefully, these two will be able to mend their relationship in 2020. 

    Prince William, Prince Harry
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    Feuds come and go, but family is forever -- and these brothers used to be so close. We'd love to see them get that relationship back soon. 

    In the meantime, hopefully everyone in the fam can enjoy Christmas, drama-free. Sounds like they could all use a chill holiday.