Ian Somerhalder Shows How To Survive a Vampire Attack With Common Household Items

Ian Somerhalder

If anyone knows about vampires, it's Ian Somerhalder. After all, between V-Wars and Vampire Diaries, he's been on both the vampire and vampire hunting sides of the coin. And now, in a new YouTube video that promotes the series, Ian is sharing his DIY vampire hunting kit, and it's pretty much perfect.

... and also, hilarious. 

(This is a must-see!)

  • In the video, Ian's teaching viewers how to use common household objects to fight vampires. 

    Everybody already knows they hate garlic, and that's on Ian's list. But he also includes a few ... interesting items on the list, such as using household cleaner -- like Windex -- if holy water isn't readily available.

    And for most of us, it definitely is not.

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  • Ian shared all kinds of things people have around the house that can be used for stakes to end vampires too. 

    ... such as a wooden spoon, which he insists will work if that's the only option. 

    "Anything wooden? Go for it!" he said in the video. "It doesn't have to be pointy. You just gotta stab hard enough." 

    We're not convinced, but hey, if Ian thinks it works ... 

  • Ian ended the video by reminding everyone that their number one weapon is themselves. 

    Because honestly, our first instinct is going to be to run in the opposite direction of a vampire as fast as we can before we start grabbing stuff out of the kitchen.

    He gets an A+ for effort, though ... but we have a feeling none of this would have stopped Damon Salvatore on Vampire Diaries.

  • Ian's latest vampire venture premieres December 5 on Netflix. 

    'Til then, we're getting ready to binge watch the show all weekend, and hopefully, we won't need to pull out the Windex and garlic salt to protect ourselves anytime soon. 

    Either way, it seems like Dr. Luther Swann will be on the case in V-Wars

    We trust him!