Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Christmas Plans Are Met With Big-Time Disapproval

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A few weeks ago, it was announced that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wouldn't be attending Christmas at Sandringham with the rest of the royal family. The decision, which was made in light of the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex desperately need time out of the spotlight, reportedly received the approval of Queen Elizabeth. However, it's not receiving the approval of everyone else. And we're not talking about members of the royal family. 

  • After the announcement about Harry and Meghan's Christmas plans was made, people started coming out of the woodwork to criticize the couple -- including singer Rod Stewart.  

    In a recent interview with The Daily Mail's Weekend magazine, Stewart revealed that he's big fan of the royal family. 

    "I'm a monarchist," he said to journalist Richard Barber. "I think the queen is wonderful. And I know Charles quite well. He's great fun."

    However, he then added that he was "disappointed" that Harry and Meghan won't be with Queen Elizabeth this year for the holidays. 

    "I was a bit disappointed that Harry and Meghan have decided not to spend Christmas with the queen this year," he said.

    "If I was Harry, I'd think there was plenty of time in the future to have Christmases on my own or with Meghan's mum," he said. "The queen's 93. I flew around the world to be with my mum and dad at Christmas because I knew they didn't have many left."


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  • And Stewart isn't the only person who's been outspoken about their disdain for the couple's decision. 

    Previously, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan said that Harry and Meghan's holiday plans are a "clear snub to the queen."

    To be fair, though, Piers Morgan seems to take a jab at Meghan Markle any chance he can get, so let's not hold his comments with too much gravity. 

  • Adding insult to injury is the fact that Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly "relieved" Harry and Meghan won't be at Sandringham. 


    A supposed family friend told Closer that "William and Kate are somewhat relieved that they won't be at Sandringham." However, the source added that "William does, however, feel that it'll be strange not having his brother around."

    Dang. Harry and Meghan really can't seem to catch a break!
  • Ultimately, everyone will get over Harry and Meghan not joining the royal family for Christmas this year -- including Stewart and Morgan. 

    Right now, it seems like this is what Harry and Meghan need most (and perhaps the "relieved" William and Kate, too!). 

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be at Sandringham next year -- and people can then criticize them for something else.