17 Times the Duggar Kids Rebelled Big Time Against Their Strict Upbringing

17 Times the Duggar Kids Rebelled Big Time Against Their Strict Upbringing

Jana Duggar, Jinger Vuolo

As much as they were surrounded by love growing up, we have to admit that growing up as a kid in the Duggar family had to be pretty tough. So it's not surprising at all to us that some of the former 19 Kids & Counting stars have decided to change things up as they become adults. Although we'd definitely argue that Jinger Duggar is the biggest rebel in the family, her siblings have definitely been following suit, choosing to do their own thing as they grow up and leave the family to start lives and families of their own. And so far, it's been interesting to watch.

Most of these acts of rebellion aren't actually rebellion as most of us would see it -- but we have to remember that these are the Duggars we're talking about, and their family has such strict rules that it doesn't take much to break them. Sometimes, it's as simple as wearing a pair of pants instead of a skirt or dress, and it's enough to practically turn their world upside down! 

It's been a lot of fun to watch these kids grow up and become adults who make their own choices, even though those choices don't necessarily match what Jim Bob and Michelle chose to do when they were their age. And especially after seeing them grow from the time they were little on 19 Kids & Counting, we never would have predicted some of them would become the rebels they grew up to be!

Read on for the biggest acts of rebellion the Duggar family has seen so far. We have a feeling that as the younger kids get older and end up moving out of the big family compound, more of them are going to end up following their siblings' acts of rebellion than not ... and we can't wait to see it all happen.

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