Close-Up Pics of Justin Timberlake Getting Cozy With His Costar Have Fans Fuming

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Looks like Justin Timberlake is in a lot of trouble with his fans this week -- and, if we had to guess, probably Jessica Biel, too. After Justin was spotted getting cozy with a woman who is most certainly not his wife, there's even more evidence that he may have been doing something wrong. Close-up photos have surfaced of Justin and his costar, Alisha Wainwright, out in New Orleans, and we've gotta admit ... we don't like this one bit. 

  • Over the weekend, Justin was seen holding hands with Alisha in New Orleans where they're filming the movie 'Palmer.'

    Video surfaced of Justin and Alisha on a balcony drinking, hanging out, and holding hands -- with Alisha putting her hand on Justin's leg. 

    It seems like alcohol may have been involved, but that doesn't make it right ... and so far, sources close to the situation (including Alisha's rep) have claimed that this was a totally innocent night and that their other costars were there as well.

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  • Now, these close-up photos are making Justin look even more guilty.

    Like this tweet says, "married men are just acting a plum fool this week" couldn't possibly be more spot-on. 

    We can't say we love this -- or that we'd be a huge fan of finding out our husband was up to this kind of stuff while he was out of town for work. It doesn't matter who says it was innocent. The optics on this are really bad!

  • Fans seem truly disappointed in Justin's behavior. 

    Facebook comments

    We've gotta agree with these commenters. We can't blame them one bit for saying that they'd be uncomfortable with their spouses doing the same things that Justin is in these photos.

    All in all, it's really not looking great.

  • We're waiting for Justin to talk, but so far, he's stayed silent. 

    That doesn't seem like a good sign to us, especially because Jessica is keeping quiet too.

    We love Justin, but this doesn't seem OK on any level. Obviously, we weren't there, and we don't know the whole story ... but like we said, it's not looking good.

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