FBI Responds to Rumors Surrounding a Raid on Josh Duggar's House

Josh Duggar Family

Uh-oh ... Is Josh Duggar in trouble with the law again? News broke earlier this week that the FBI raided the former reality star's home, and now the FBI is speaking out about the speculation. Josh has remained largely off the radar the last several years after multiple scandals in 2015, but is he still being shady?

  • According to Radar Online, the rumors were started by a blind item on a website called Crazy Days and Nights.

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    The rumors also gained traction on Facebook, as fans speculated for possible causes of the alleged raid, including child pornography, tax evasion, and/or money laundering.

    Radar reportedly reached out to the FBI in Arkansas when the allegations started going viral, and apparently it was all just speculation. The authorities confirmed that they "did not respond to a Duggar family member’s home or business over the weekend."

    "We were not involved in any kind of law enforcement action," the agent explained. "I can confirm we were not there."

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  • Josh seems to having some difficulty staying out of trouble these days.

    He was recently sued by someone claiming to own a piece of property that was sold without his permission to Josh's company. At last report, Josh was going to have to appear in court over it.

  • We're glad for Josh's wife, Anna, that these were just rumors.

    Considering that she's due to give birth any day now to a little girl, she has more than enough on her plate. The family announced earlier this year they were expecting a sixth child. Josh and Anna are also parents to Mackynzie, 10, Michael, 8, Marcus, 6, Meredith, 4, and Mason, 2.

  • It may have been nothing this time, but somehow, we have a feeling these rumors will persist.

    After all, you can't go through multiple sex scandals, get your family's show cancelled (19 Kids and Counting was officially dropped from TLC before being rebranded Counting On), cheat on your wife, and molest your sisters ... without that stuff sticking with you pretty much forever.

    Anna may have forgiven him, but there are more than a few who have not and would love to see him get into some legal trouble.