Prince Harry Joined Meghan Markle & Archie At Playgroup for the First Time

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Prince Harry
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Looks like Prince Harry is fully in his dad glory! According to People, Harry joined Meghan Markle and Archie at playgroup last week, and by all accounts, it sounds like he had a blast. Then again, we're not surprised -- it's seemed like the Duke of Sussex has been a major fan of all things parenting so far, and we know the Duchess of Sussex and Archie had to love having him there. 

  • Apparently, Harry wasn't the only dad there, but it was his first appearance at the playgroup held near Frogmore Cottage.

    Meghan Markle, Baby Archie, Prince Harry
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    "Archie had a fantastic time. He was crawling around and was particularly taken with two other red-haired babies," a witness said. "The Duke said: 'Gingers stick together!'"

    That's too sweet! If only there had been photos captured of this moment. We know it would have been super adorable.

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  • We've seen Harry on outings with Archie and Meghan before, and now it sounds like he's continuing to be an involved dad.

    Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Baby Archie
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    Not that we expected any less -- from before Archie was born, he's always made it clear that he loves kids, so of course he spends as much time with his son as he can. 

    And knowing that Meghan and Harry are getting a break from their busy schedule as the holidays approach (including a trip to the US), there's plenty of time for this dad and son to hang out coming soon. 

  • Meghan and Harry recently shared a new photo from Archie's Christening on Instagram, too. 

    Such a sweet moment captured of three generations -- we can't wait to see more photos of the three of them together as Archie continues to grow.

    Something tells us that if he and Harry keep spending a lot of time together, they're going to be a force for Meghan to reckon with in a few years... 

  • We can't wait to see what adventures Harry and Archie will have next. 

    Prince Harry
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    In the meantime, we're just waiting for photos from playgroup to surface. Come on -- don't tell us Meghan didn't at least have her phone out for those cute moments! 

    We need more updates ASAP!