The Kardashians Are Getting Heat Thanks to Their Latest Family Feud

Alexander Seyum/ZUMA Wire

Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian
Alexander Seyum/ZUMA Wire

We've seen the Kardashian fam get flack for some silly things before, but we did not see this one coming. In fact, the Kardashians have sparked outrage over a food fight that will air in this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and although it's easy to see where people are coming from, maybe all this anger would be better directed somewhere else? 

Just a thought.

  • It all started when Khloe shared this 'KUWTK' clip on Instagram.

    It's pretty cute and funny -- the family breaks out in a food fight during a meal, and Kim even manages to sneak up behind Kris and dump an entire pitcher of what looks like tea or juice straight over her head. LOL! 

    But instead of seeing it as a lighthearted moment, a lot of fans viewed the clip as "insensitive."

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  • People immediately took to the comments to share how wasteful they felt the food fight was. 

    It's true that there is a food security problem all over the world. But does that immediately make the Kardashians bad people if they didn't think about that in the moment, as the food fight started?

    Food fights have been a thing for a long time. It really seems like they were just having fun! 

  • The anger was real. 

    We can certainly see where these commenters are coming from -- starvation is a serious problem. But blaming the Kardashians for making the situation worse because of a sweet family moment might be taking the outrage a bit too far. 

    Besides, we already know that this family is super charitable and helps out wherever they can. We seriously doubt they meant any harm by this! 

  • We'll have to watch the full episode to make a final call on this, but maybe we can give the Kardashians a break on this one? 

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    It really, really doesn't seem like they thought they'd upset anyone -- and with all the feud rumors that have been circulating lately, it's actually a relief to see them having fun as a family. 

    They may be wealthy and famous, but in the end, this fam is a lot more like the rest of us than we might think sometimes. And that means that throwing food at each other can happen. It's life!