Derick Dillard Is Spilling Even More Tea About Jim Bob Duggar

Derick Dillard, Jill Dillard

Well, it's safe to assume that the feud between Derick Dillard and father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar is still raging on. After his first round of tea spilling on Twitter, Derick is sharing more of his thoughts on Jim Bob on Twitter, and let's just say we have a feeling this fight is about to get real ugly.

Then again, we're kinda okay with it, because this tea is piping hot. 

  • As fans know, recently Derick's become a lot more outspoken about what goes on behind the scenes in the Duggar fam. 

    Last month, out of nowhere, he started replying to some really old tweets, sharing his thoughts on things he'd never spoken about publicly before -- mostly that he was upset that people thought Jim Bob speaks for him, and that he didn't feel like he and Jill were fairly compensated for their work on Counting On from TLC. 

    Now, the same thing is happening all over again.

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  • It seems as if Derick has a major bone to pick with TLC.

    Wait -- didn't TLC stop filming with Derick because of his comments about Jazz Jennings? Now, Derick's saying that he and Jill actually quit the show themselves. This is certainly a new development.

    They better "lawyer up"? We smell a lawsuit coming ...

  • He also revealed that Jim Bob negotiated everyone's filming salary -- without asking.

    We could understand if he did that for the beginning of 19 Kids & Counting, when his children were all minors. It's not like they could negotiate for themselves.

    But by the time Counting On was filming, a few of his older children (including Jill and Derick) were adults and some of them were even married. This certainly seems fishy. But according to Derick, TLC was fine with it, because it helped their bottom line.

    "Yeah, but all @TLC is worried about is making that money, so if they can blame corruption on somebody else, but still get away with the benefits, then they’ll happily do so," Derick added

  • Finally, Derick seemed to end the conversation by schooling his followers on the legal system.

    Is it just us, or does it seem like the longer Derick's been in law school, the more he's realizing ways that he and Jill might have been screwed over, and the more he wants to talk about it? We wouldn't be shocked if that's what's happening here. 

    Either way, it's still really not clear if Derick's planning to pursue legal action himself, or if he's just predicting that TLC will eventually end up in hot water because someone eventually will pursue legal action against the network.

    We're interested to know more, though.

  • It's a lot of drama, but we like how Derick's started standing up for himself. 

    After all, it seemed like things have been weird between the Duggars and the Dillards for a long time now, and at least we're finally able to start putting the pieces together.

    If anyone needs us, we'll be refreshing his Twitter for more info. We need the dirt!