15 Celebrities Who Regret Getting Tattoos

15 Celebrities Who Regret Getting Tattoos
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Kaley Cuoco
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images; Angela Weiss/WireImage/Getty Images

Celebrities in the public eye make plenty of mistakes for all to see, but somehow, when it comes to bad tattoos, they seem even worse. Why? Maybe because there are few things more cringe-y than bad ink that's on skin permanently -- whether it's a wedding tattoo that outlasted the marriage, Japanese script that doesn't mean what the tattoo artist said it meant, or a hilariously bad misspelling. And maybe because so many celeb explanations of why they got terrible tattoos come with embarrassing stories. Stories about hitting the tattoo shop after three too many margaritas on the tour bus, or admissions that they fell for the "tramp stamp" trend and now can't crouch down in jeans without checking to make sure the paps are not around to capture it for posterity (and laughs).

Of course, there are lots of reasons why stars get tattoos -- like to commemorate the birth of their kids, or honor the life of a parent -- and often, the results are beautiful. But when someone's reminded of an ex every time he steps out of the shower, it's not so great. Recently, more stars have opted to have questionable tattoos covered, or get them lasered off, which is not for the faint of heart. Plenty of celebs have shared the painful process on Snapchat or Instagram stories as proof, along with advice to skip tattoos unless it's sure to be something that will still feel right in 10 years. 

For those who are not brave enough, there are always long sleeves and concealer, or they can just own the mistake they made when they were young, or in Vegas with their best friend and move on. But before we let them change the subject, here are 15 celebrities who opened up about their tattoo regrets

Clearly, they never heard of the motto "think before ya ink."