20 Times Kim Kardashian Had Her Mom Skills Called Into Question

Kayla Gleeson | Nov 22, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Kim Kardashian Had Her Mom Skills Called Into Question
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It finally seems as though Kim Kardashian has completed her family (or so we think). With two girls and two boys, it all seems pretty perfect for her and Kanye West. With years of parenting experience under her belt, it would appear the newest addition to their family, Psalm West, would be a piece of cake at this point. However, even though Kim has four kids worth of mom-ing on her resume, people on the internet still think they know how to raise her kids better than she does -- and boy do they make it known.

Trolls will be trolls -- but these aren't just any trolls. Yes, we're talking about mommy shamers.

Kim has probably faced the most mommy-shaming when it comes to the rest of her family -- next to Kourtney Kardashian, of course, who has three kids of her own whom people love to put in their two cents about. The saddest thing is that it seems like the most mommy-shaming Kim deals with is directed at North West -- who isn't even ten, yet has hundreds of tabloid stories written about her. These all poke and prod at one thing: Kim's parenting skills. 

OK, real talk? Most of these mommy shamers probably don't even have kids. If they did, they'd know that letting their kid play dress up or eat candy wouldn't be a federal issue. Plus, moms should be looking out for each other -- famous or not. After all, it takes a village -- and mommy-shaming is like when all the villagers decide to pull out their torches and pitchforks because someone threw a CBD-themed baby shower. Which, of course, is just one of the things Kim has been shamed for.

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