Even the Way Kate Middleton Stumbles Is as Perfect as She Is

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

kate middleton
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, considering that everything Kate Middleton does is done better than most people. But! We can now add "tripping" to the list of things the Duchess of Cambridge is superior in -- yes, really. During her recent visit to an event honoring volunteers of her charity Shout, a text crisis line, Kate stumbled while walking to her car. Prince William immediately sprang into action, but even if he wasn't there, Kate handled her little trip with grace. 

Of course.

  • After Prince William gestures for Kate to head his way, while they're heading toward the car to go back home, the duchess wobbles a bit. 

    As soon as she stumbled, Prince William lunged in her direction, but Kate quickly balanced herself out and laughed the whole thing off. 

    As one does.

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  • Of course, this isn't the first time Kate found herself in an awkward position in public -- or the first time she's brushed it off like a boss. 

    kate middleton
    Steve Parsons/Getty Images

    Back in 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge got her heel stuck in a drain while visiting the 1st Battalion Irish Guards for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Dang shoes!

    But look at her calmly smiling while she frees her foot -- and again, Wills is there to help her out.

  • And, believe it or not, it happened to the duchess again in February of 2018!

    kate middleton
    Karwai Tang/Getty Images

    While heading into the opening of the Action on Addiction Community Treatment Centre in Essex, Kate's heel made its way into a grate on the street. 

    Was it an issue for her?


    She just pulled it out while barely missing a beat. The people around her look more concerned than she. 

  • She trips, she stumbles, she plays cricket in heels -- is there anything the duchess CAN'T do?

    kate middleton
    Pool/Getty Images

    We're guessing not. But if there is, rest assured Kate will recover just fine thankyouverymuch.