Jinger Duggar Just Went Even Blonder & Fans Are Going Nuts

Jinger Duggar, Jana Duggar

Lately, we've been having some serious hair envy when it comes to Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo. Ever since she went blonde earlier this year, her new look has been killing it -- and now, she's done yet another hair makeover. After seeing her new photo on Instagram, it looks like Jinger went even blonder ... and of course, we're loving this look too.

  • Yesterday, Jinger shared this pic with her daughter, Felicity.

    Yes, Felicity is adorable (that outfit!), but all we can focus on is Jinger's hair. 

    Looks as if California living has really had an impact on this lady and her locks. Before, it seemed like her look was just a ton of well-placed highlights, but now, she's even lighter. So pretty!

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  • Fans truly cannot get enough of Jinger's hair. 

    She's so gorgeous. It really suits her! Jinger's always been the one in her family who's down for trying new things, so who knows -- maybe she'll inspire her sisters to play around with their hair, too? 

    Either way, she looks fab.

  • Earlier this week, Jinger shared an Instagram post about how she takes care of her lighter hair. 

    "I like to do a deep conditioning on my hair once a week to keep it soft and nourished. I also use a quality purple shampoo at least once or twice a week to keep away the brassy undertone," she wrote.

    Yep, we've heard that purple shampoo is key. No wonder Jinger always looks so good! 

  • Now, we just need an actual hair tutorial from Jinger.

    Whether she curls it or wears it straight, somehow, it's always flawless. Can she please make us a YouTube tutorial explaining every step? 

    We'll be waiting ...