Queen Elizabeth Spotted Horseback Riding at 93 Like a Total Boss

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

queen elizabeth
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In case you were under the impression that, after a long day's work, Queen Elizabeth goes home to sit in bed with a nice cuppa, here's some news to prove the contrary. After the monarch was spotted shedding a tear during a Remembrance Day service Sunday in London, the Queen went for a horseback ride on the grounds of Windsor Castle. 

Lest you forget: Queen Elizabeth is 93 years old.

  • The Queen, who's wildly passionate about horses, was seen trotting along with head groom Terry Pendry. 

    Need we even tell you -- her majesty looked wildly chic in her riding gloves, white scarf, blue coat, and black sunglasses.

    And again, she's riding a horse at 93. If that's not impressive, we're not sure what is.

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  • This isn't the first time the Queen has been spotted horseback riding in the past few years. 

    Back in 2017, when she was just shy of 91, Queen Elizabeth was seen riding a black horse -- again with Terry Pendry -- along the River Thames at Windsor Castle. 

    After everyone noticed that the Queen wasn't wearing a riding helmet, it was reported that she's always declined to use one, as she doesn't want to mess with her hair. 

    Well, then!

  • The Queen reportedly started taking riding lessons when she was just 3 years old and, ever since, has been completely head over heels for horses. 

    queen elizabeth
    Tim Graham/Getty Images

    In 1982, she even took then-President Ronald Regan out for a spin. 

    Even though she's still riding, the Queen has admit that she's not quite as die-hard as she used to be when it comes to saddling up. In 2016, she was filmed telling an aide that she's a "fair-weather rider" now. 

    "I don't like getting cold and wet," she confessed.

  • Even if she sits out riding on the rainy days, we're still incredibly impressed that the Queen is still partaking in such a physically challenging activity. 

    queen elizabeth
    Max Mumby/Getty Images

    Obviously, she's not the longest reigning monarch in British history for nothing. 

    Queenie, we bow down.