Matt Roloff's Party Photo With Girlfriend Caryn Is Creeping Fans Out

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff

If you haven't been paying attention, there's been a ton of buzz surrounding one of our favorite reality star families. It looks like Amy is heading off the farm as she recently purchased a home. Audrey is doing her best to nurse Jeremy back to health after his surgery. And Tori Roloff. Well, people are trying her -- going as far to hurl insults about the expectant mom's body. Welp, it seems another Roloff has people talking as Little People, Big World fans are talking about Matt's latest photo with his girlfriend.

... and it's safe to say people are freaking out.

  • Matt and Caryn were all smiles at a party.

    "Caryn and I were invited to a Neighborhood party tonight at the home of our friends Jeff and Sandy ..." Matt Roloff reveals in his post. "Only condition ... you had to wear a hat! Hat So much fun!"

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  • While their love has fans of these smiling from ear to ear,

    Instagram comments

    Matt and Caryn, who've known each other for a long time now (Caryn used to be the manager of his family farm), made their romance social media official back in March 2017. (Amy has accused Matt of cheating while they were still married, but he continues to deny those claims.) These two have been inseparable ever since, splitting their time between Roloff Farm and Arizona, where Caryn is from.

  • others are focused on the "ghost hands" between the couple some are calling "creepy."

    Instagram comments

    Blink and you likely missed two random hands on Caryn and Matt's shoulders in the middle of the photo. Given these lovebirds' hands are present and accounted for in the pic, it's understandable why some folks are taken aback, though there is obviously a very good explanation.

  • Y'all can calm down now (LOL).

    Given Matt's past confessions about knowing next to zilch when it comes to technology and social media, the extra hands in this photo likely belong to others in the photo he decided to crop out. We highly doubt he spent much time Photoshopping the people out, so let's just keep the focus on what's most important: Caryn and Matt's happiness.