Amy Roloff's New House Update Has Fans Questioning If Chris Is Moving In

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek

By now, Little People, Big World fans have likely figured out Amy Roloff is leaving the family farm. There's been lots of talk of Amy leaving Roloff Farm in the past, and with her latest move seemingly confirming bags will be packed, this new update has fans of the reality show asking more questions.

... like is Amy's boyfriend, Chris Marek, moving in.

  • Amy recently gave fans an update on her house that includes buying some new things ... a lot of new things.

    "Guess what? Having a little fun ... in the adventure of seeing what's out their in the furniture world -- dining table, chairs, couches, tables..." Amy writes. "It's a little intimidating the many choices and what do I like. I hope I'll know when the time is right ... My Friday night ... #storyofamyrandchrism #furnitureshopping #thechoices #thedecisions #havingfun #lifechanges"

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  • For the most part, 'LPBW' peeps are excited for Amy's next chapter and can't wait to hear more deets.

    "Have fun. Congratulations on getting your house," one fan wrote.

    "Thats awesome, so exciting. Can't wait to see your new home. Have fun. So happy for you two," noted another.

    "I'm SO HAPPY to see you happy Amy!! You totally deserve it," commented another fan.

  • Others, however, can't help but wonder if Chris would be moving into Amy's new house.

    Instagram comments

    Last week, reports surfaced that Amy purchased a new home (Chris, as a Realtor, was involved in the process) -- so Amy's latest update seems to confirm the news, though there's no word on whether Amy and Chris will be booed up in her new home together before they say "I do." (Chris proposed to Amy back in September.)

  • Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

    Obviously, Amy and Chris are going to live together at some point (they are getting married), but we don't know if this will happen sooner or later. Because Amy is scouting new furniture, maybe this means the answer is no as one could easily assume he would move some of his stuff in.

    Then again, maybe we're wrong.

    Time will have to tell.