18 Celebrities Who Are Related to Royalty

18 Celebrities Who Are Related to Royalty
Image: Anthony Devlin/AFP via Getty Images

Angelina Jolie with Queen Elizabeth II
Anthony Devlin/AFP via Getty Images

Celebrities get treated like royalty every day. Some stars exude glamour in the regal way they talk, dress, and live. Others have earned the adoration of millions by using their status to raise money for worthy causes, or by being great role models kids can look up to. And of course, there are those who kind of just feel entitled to act like they're special and demand others to do the same. But, as it turns out, some stars can actually claim to be related to real royalty.

Some of these royal-blooded celebrities have known it all along because they come from families that can trace their origins all the way back to some stone castle, while others -- like Ellen DeGeneres -- hilariously found out by surprise and didn't let it go to their heads. While most of them won't be comparing branches of their family tree with Queen Elizabeth II over tea and sandwiches anytime soon (despite the fact that several stars can claim kinship with her), at least they can be proud to be part of history.

Here are 18 celebs who are related to royals.

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