15 Entertainment Podcasts to Satisfy Our Pop Culture Obsessions

Nicole Pomarico | Nov 11, 2019 Celebrities
15 Entertainment Podcasts to Satisfy Our Pop Culture Obsessions
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Ted Bundy
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Lately, podcasts have been blowing up in a big way, and there are so many to choose from that it can get kind of overwhelming. Fortunately, for those of us who are into celebrity gossip and pop culture, there are tons of options ... depending on what corner of Hollywood fascinates us most. From serious deep dives into iconic stars, movies, and TV shows to more comedic takes on what the landscape of the entertainment world looks like today. There's definitely something for everyone. Our new favorite podcast is just out there, waiting for us to discover it.

Obsessed with the Kardashians or the royal family and want to learn more or hear about what other people think about this stuff? Yep, that's out there. Want to find out what went on behind the scenes of The Office straight from actors who were on set every day while it was being filmed? Yep, that's an option, too. 

And even those of us who are into movies that are so bad they're good? Yep, there's a podcast out there for that interest, too. That's the beauty of the recent podcast renaissance. (Like we said, there is so much to choose from.)

Read on for some of the most entertaining podcasts about celebrities, the entertainment world, and everything in between. There's no better way to pass a long commute or gym session than by listening to a podcast, honestly -- and in the meantime, we always end up learning something about the way Hollywood works along the way.