20 Ways Prince William Is Going To Totally Rule as King Someday

20 Ways Prince William Is Going To Totally Rule as King Someday
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He still may have a little ways to go, but there isn’t a doubt in our minds that, when the time comes, Prince William will make an incredible King of England. In addition to the fact that he’s been groomed for years (by the longest reigning British monarch, may we add), the Duke of Cambridge also seems to possess innate qualities essential to being a seriously good leader. No doubt, he'll be ready when it's his time to reign. 

Since he was a young boy, Prince William has had a measuredness that most boys his age didn't. From making Buckingham Palace balcony appearances to solemnly walking behind his mother's coffin at her funeral, the Duke of Cambridge is more than aware of how to present himself to the public. Additionally, he has a relatability that not all members of the royal family have, a sense of humor, and an air of warmth. 

Since getting married to Kate Middleton, and of course since becoming a father to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, Prince William has stepped it up even more when it comes to owning his royal role -- and it's obvious he's going to make an excellent king once it's his time to take over. 

Here are 20 reasons Prince William will make one of the best kings England's ever had. 

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