20 Times the Kardashians Threw a FOMO-Inducing Party

Kayla Gleeson | Nov 22, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times the Kardashians Threw a FOMO-Inducing Party

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Generally speaking, if someone suddenly became a millionaire, the first thing they would do is pay off all their debt. The second thing they would do is party hard -- and why wouldn't they? With all the money in the world, who would reject the idea of throwing a crazy party? This idea isn't foreign to the Kardashian-Jenner family. If there's an occasion, there's a party for it. Big event or small, we've seen these girls get lit for pretty much every and any reason. Their luxurious (and insanely fun-looking) exploits on Keeping Up With the Kardashians are enough to make anyone jealous. It begs the question: how big is too big?

Answer: It's never big enough. Not for a Kardashian, at least. Most of their fancy soirees usually fit under one of three topics: holidays, birthdays, and babies. Everyone knows how hard Kris Jenner goes in for her famous Christmas parties (which Kim has now taken up the gauntlet for) and we've lost count of all the opulent Kylie Jenner birthday bashes. The one thing we still can't wrap our heads around are all the outlandishly expensive and high-end baby showers/toddler birthdays. Seriously -- they're going to be too young to remember all of it anyway! Tallying up the dollar amount solely including the parties we've listed, the Kardashian-Jenners have spent well over $10,000,000 on parties -- and that's not even all of them!

Consider us poor and jealous. After looking through them all, one thing is clear: Kris' 60th Gatsby birthday is clearly the best party ever thrown.

  • Annual Kardashian Krismases

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    Kendall where u at ?

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    Where would the Kardashians be without Kris Jenner's slammin' Christmas parties? Kim has a lot to look up to, now that she's on holiday duty. Kris has been throwing the annual Christmas Eve bash since the kids were all little, but now that they're grown, Kim took over the tradition starting last year.

  • Jingle Kim


    Speaking of Kim, we gotta give her credit -- her 2018 Christmas bash really lived up to expectations! Kris must be so proud. Wonder what she and Kanye have planned for 2019? Sledding? An ice-skating rink in the backyard? Whatever it is, it will be magical. 

  • House Warming


    Cold treatment from the guests, though! Kim's house warming party is definitely one that got way out of hand. (Caitlin is the real MVP here.) Poor Kim -- she seemed totally overwhelmed by that spilled wine. At least it was only on the cushion and not the whole couch?

  • Candyland


    What a sweet party! Kim and Kourtney threw this tasty birthday bash for North and Penelope not too long ago! We always love when the Kardashian cousins get together -- they are just too cute for words!

  • Kendall's 21st


    Aside from that glitzy, gorgeous, glittering dress, this shindig had it all: booze, besties, and a gift car that could pay off several of our college loans. Allegedly, Kendall partied so hard she forgot she even got a car. #RichPeopleProblems.

  • Birthday Kylie

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    perfect night 🎉💗

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    Kylie Jenner is known for going all out on her birthday every year, but nothing's topped her 21st. She really is the life of the party! And of course she had all of her sisters in tow to celebrate the baby of the group finally making it to legal drinking age!

  • In Wonderland


    Over-the-top doesn't end with themselves. Kim threw this entire Alice in Wonderland themed party for little Chicago this year! We have a feeling there are going to be a lot more fantastical parties for little girls in the future, because Chi, Stormi, and True were all born within a few months of each other.

  • Fab at 40


    Kourtney's recent 40th birthday was definitely a blowout! Complete with custom champagne bottles engraved with "Most Interesting to Look At." A throwback that throws it back! We bet Kim won't be telling people she's uninteresting anymore!

  • Good Times Galore


    Everything is celebrated in the Kardashian-Jenner clan. All the sisters came out for Kylie's Galore cover party, including Kendall, who was in town for Fashion Week. Rule #1, though: Never ditch partying with the fam for a dude.

  • Gatsby Gala