Jana Duggar Says She Isn't 'Waiting to Get Married'

Jana Duggar

It seems like there's been nonstop speculation about why Jana Duggar isn't courting, and now, she's finally speaking out about it on Counting On. In a new sneak peak from this week's episode, Jana opened up about the pressure to date, and it really does seem like she's OK with where she's at in her life right now. 

Maybe now is a good time for everyone to back off and let the woman live? 

  • In a clip from Us Weekly, Jana revealed that she's been getting pressure and "suggestions" from people about dating.

    "If I was sitting here waiting to get married, I think that would be more depressing, but instead, I really look at this as, OK what are other things that I could be doing right now that maybe I can’t do later?" she said. "I’ve really enjoyed the different opportunities that I've had [like] travel; even still being able to travel with my family that maybe my married siblings can't do."

    Good point -- Jana's having all kinds of adventures that her married siblings aren't, and she's still young. At 29, she has plenty of time to find the one ... and in the meantime, we're glad to hear she's having a good time at the stage she's at. 

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  • Jana also said there have been "multiple" men interested in her. Well, of course -- she's gorgeous!

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    "None of them worked out. Different ones of us have been in relationships, courtships, whatever you want to label it as," she said. "Of course, it doesn't always end in marriage and that's OK. You have to sometimes talk to someone, get to know someone and realize, you know what, it doesn’t have to end in marriage."

    That makes sense. Way better for Jana to figure that stuff out now and be picky than end up married to the wrong person! 

  • And it really does seem like Jana's living her best life. 

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    Hanging out with friends, working on her garden and DIY projects, having one of the prettiest Instagram accounts we've ever seen -- she's living the life! 

  • We're rooting for Jana -- and we hope she doesn't feel too pressured to date until she's ready.

    We know someone amazing is out there for her, and she will find that person eventually. 

    But for now? She's just hanging out, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's not like her fam is suffering from a lack of weddings and grandbabies! 

    You do you, Jana.