20 Reasons Prince George Will Make an Excellent King Someday

20 Reasons Prince George Will Make an Excellent King Someday
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By this point, we all know that Prince William is going to make an excellent king eventually. Not only is the Duke of Cambridge smart, decisive, and caring, but he's also pretty relatable for a member of the British royal family. 


The person we're really looking forward to seeing as King of England one day is Prince George. Now, he will make an excellent king.

Even though the eldest son of Kate Middleton and Prince William is only 6 years old, and still a long way away from being king (Prince George is third in line to the throne.), he's still got all the makings of an incredible future ruler. 

Although Prince George hasn't yet given any interviews or expressed his views on social issues or found causes to champion, he's clearly a dude who knows what he wants. Whether he's running away from from his dad, getting cheeky with his mom, or going absolutely crazy over his favorite soccer team, it's more than obvious that, at 6, Prince George is as decisive as they come. 

He may still be a kid, but here are 20 reasons Prince George will definitely make an incredible king one day. Buckle up, England!

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