Derick Dillard & Jim Bob Duggar Apparently Have Some Major Beef

Derick Dillard

We've known things were a bit awkward between the Duggars and the Dillards for a while now, but this is taking it to another level. Apparently, Jim Bob and Derick really do have beef, and Derick aired out all the dirty laundry on Twitter -- or so it seems. 

Is this for real?! 

  • Derick's been off 'Counting On' for a long time now, but apparently, even more drama's been brewing behind the scenes. 

    As The Ashley's Reality Roundup reported, Derick apparently decided to spill the beans about his thoughts on all kinds of Duggar-related stuff, convincing us more than ever that some major drama is going down over in Tontitown.

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  • He started replying to some really old tweets, as if something had pushed him to start getting REAL.

    He began by opening up about how he thought that TLC should have paid at least some of their medical expenses, since they filmed their children's birth for the show -- but no dice.

    And he was just getting started. 

  • In another tweet, he insinuated that Jim Bob keeps the money from 'Counting On' for himself.

    Hmm ... that sounds highly unethical and (probably) illegal. If everyone in the family participates in the show, they're working -- and they deserve to get the paycheck they've earned, right? 

    We wonder how much truth is in what Derick's hinting at, here ... 

  • He also took the opportunity to insist that Jim Bob has never spoken for him. 

    Who. Toeing the family line is way out the window now, isn't it? 

    We're dying to know what might have happened to push Derick to this point. A lot of these questions were sent to him over a year ago and he's just now responding? There have certainly been rumors that there's been a falling out between the Duggars and the Dillards, and these tweets make us believe those rumors more than ever.

  • If anyone needs us, we'll be here, refreshing Derick's Twitter for more juicy info. 

    If he's going to start spilling the tea, we're here to listen to all of it. Do we think there's a tell-all book in his future? 

    Our fingers are crossed. We're dying to know what goes on behind the scenes in the Duggars' lives.