JWoww & Boyfriend Reportedly Back Together After He Fondled Her Costar

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Zack Carpinello, JWoww
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For any Jersey Shore fans wondering what's going on with JWoww and Zack Carpinello after he was caught groping Angelina Pivarnick on film, it seems like we finally have an answer. Reportedly, JWoww and Zack are back together -- even though it really has seemed like they were calling it quits for good.

Maybe we should have seen this coming?

  • Reportedly, Zack and Jenni have found their way back together less than a month since that episode of 'Jersey Shore' aired.

    A source confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight, although the person didn't share any details.

    Given that what happened between Zack and Angelina was certainly upsetting, we're surprised to hear that he and JWoww were able to make amends so quickly. And now, it seems they're keeping this stage of their relationship as private as possible.

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  • An insider added that Zack and JWoww were spotted at Universal Studios together.

    Although JWoww did share this post about going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando, she didn't include Zack, but apparently, he was there too.


    This isn't the first time that this couple has been spotted together recently. About a week ago, Zack and Jenni were seen at a dinosaur theme park together with her kids. Still, both of them have remained silent, and neither of them has shared any evidence that they might be back together on social media -- which is weird, because before, they were all about sharing their relationship with their followers.

  • This sighting comes after Zack got too handsy with JWoww's 'Jersey Shore' costar, Angelina Pivarnick.

    Immediately after the episode aired, Jenni posted about how hurt she was on Instagram.

    We were truly hurting for her. It had to have been hard to see Zack getting handsy with Angelina in that club, after all -- no wonder she felt disrespected.

    But obviously, something has been going on behind the scenes to make JWoww change her mind. We're so curious about what happened!

  • Maybe JWoww & Zack will fill us in on what's going on someday, but for now, we hope our girl is happy.

    No one deserves to see their man acting like that on TV ... and find out about it along with the rest of the world.

    We hope this is a lesson for Zack, and nothing like this ever happens again. We have a feeling Jenni isn't about to put up with any of that stuff!

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