20 Times Jana Duggar Looked Like a Straight-Up Instagram Model

Nicole Pomarico | Oct 21, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Jana Duggar Looked Like a Straight-Up Instagram Model

Jana Duggar

For a long time, what was up with Jana Duggar was mostly a mystery. Sure, we got to catch up with her on Counting On and when she'd make an appearance on the Duggar family Instagram page, but otherwise? We had no clue what was going on in her life -- and we were worried that she was going to follow the tradition set by her sisters and wait to get her own Instagram account until after she'd gotten engaged or married (something Jana seems in no hurry to do). But fortunately, that totally wasn't the case here.  

Not too long ago, Jana finally arrived on Instagram, and it's been a better social media platform ever since. In fact, if we didn't know any better, we would think this wasn't her first stab at Insta -- right from the jump, she's been a total pro. Her photos are always beautiful, including plenty of candid shots, which are a must on anyone's feed.

Jana's Instagram always inspires us, whether she's offering up new recipes to try or places to explore or even a little style and fashion. Plus, seeing everything she's good at -- like building just about anything, remodeling rooms in her home, and creating her own little garden and greenhouse -- makes us want to pursue our own hobbies just as passionately as she does hers. And all the while, she makes it look totally effortless. How does she do it?! 

Ready to see all the proof that Jana is total Instagram model material? Read on. This lady is on fire, and we've loved every minute of following her account along the way. 

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