Reports Felicity Huffman Won't Serve Entire Prison Sentence Spark Outrage

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Felicity Huffman
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Just days after Felicity Huffman began her prison sentence for crimes connected to the college admissions scandal that made headlines earlier this year, it sounds like she may be out earlier than planned. Apparently, Felicity won't serve her entire sentence, and people are outraged -- and understandably so. This entire case has been pretty bonkers.

  • On Tuesday, Felicity reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in California and officially began her sentence.

    Felicity Huffman
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    After the scandal broke earlier this year, the former Desperate Housewives star pleaded guilty to the charges brought against her: conspiracy to commit mail and honest services mail fraud after she allegedly paid $15,000 in bribes to rig her daughter's SAT scores.

    In September, Felicity was formally sentenced, and in addition to her 14 days behind bars, she also has to pay a $30,000 fine and serve 250 hours of community service -- in addition to one year of supervised release.

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  • Now, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has confirmed that Felicity will not be serving all of her 14-day sentence.

    Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy
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    Heaven knows folks are in their feelings as is that Felicity Huffman is only getting 14 days for her part in one of the biggest college admissions scandals ever.

    And honestly, we don't blame them.

  • And people are pretty angry that Felicity isn't serving 14 days.

    Facebook comments

    The rage in these comments makes sense -- if she was given a 14-day sentence, then that's what she should serve, and if people believe she isn't being treated how anyone else, celebrity or not, would be in this situation, of course they're angry.

  • But as it turns out, Felicity actually is serving her full sentence -- she's getting credit for the day she was held after her arrest.

    Felicity Huffman
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    According to Entertainment Tonight, this means that Felicity is set to be released on October 27 from the facility -- just in time for Halloween and the rest of the holiday season. Any time in jail is too much time, obviously, but 13 days really seems like nothing, especially because 14 wasn't that long to begin with.

    Is Felicity getting off easy here?

    "Any part of a day spent in official detention equals one day for credit purposes," the Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesperson told Entertainment Tonight. "Credit is given for time spent in official detention as a direct result of the federal offense for which the federal sentence was imposed."

    There we have it: Felicity is serving 14 days. She just didn't serve them all in a row. That's way better than her getting off easy. 

    We don't doubt she's learned her lesson from this, either -- and we have a feeling her 13 days behind bars will really hammer it home.

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