Miley Cyrus & Boyfriend Cody Simpson Show Off New Tattoos

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Miley Cyrus
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As unexpected as their relationship was, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are still going strong -- so strong, in fact, that apparently, Miley and Cody got tattoos together this week. More and more, they're convincing us that they're the real deal -- but just in case this doesn't last forever, fortunately, it doesn't look like any of their tattoos involved each other's name.

  • On Wednesday, Miley shared this photo of her and Cody's new tattoos, dubbing themselves the "tat queen/king."

    These tattoos are courtesy of artist Nico Bassill, and it looks like Cody got a skull and crossbones tattoo, while Miley got a bleeding heart with an arrow through the middle and an emblem reading "rock and roll heart." 

    And that's not all the new ink they got ...

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  • Miley also got her birth year tattooed on her neck.

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    There's something about a super tiny tattoo that's so cute -- we're loving this one.

    Honestly, we're just glad that Miley Cyrus and Cody didn't get any coordinating tattoos. They may end up going the distance, but it's still very new, and just in case it doesn't last, they won't have any permanent reminders of each other on their bodies.

    At least, not yet.

  • Meanwhile, Cody is gearing up to release the song he wrote for Miley on Friday.

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    golden thing. friday. presave in bio.

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    It's called "Golden Thing," and it's the same song he was playing for her while she was in the hospital with tonsillitis earlier this month. At the time, Miley said that she was trying to convince him to drop the song so everyone could hear it, and it looks like her convincing worked.

    We're so intrigued! We need to hear these lyrics ASAP.

  • Above all, we're really glad to see these two having a blast together.

    Cody Simpson, Miley Cyrus
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    Miley's had enough relationship drama to last her for the next year, so the thought that she might have found someone who makes her happy makes us happy. Despite their age difference, Cody seems like a really sweet guy. 

    And so the saga continues. What will they do next?!

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