Liam Hemsworth Is Reportedly 'So Into' His New Girlfriend After Miley Split

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Liam Hemsworth
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Just like Miley Cyrus is moving on with someone new (again), apparently, so is Liam Hemsworth. In fact, Liam's already "so into" his new girlfriend, Maddison Brown -- at least, according to what sources close to the new couple are saying.

At least everyone involved is happy post-divorce? Or so it appears?

  • Last week, Liam and Maddison were spotted out and about together in NYC.

    Reports claim that Liam and Maddison went out to eat together, and being that they were holding hands in photos captured by paparazzi, it makes sense that it probably wasn't just a friendly outing.

    And now, it sounds like things might be heating up.

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  • Reportedly, Liam "really likes" Maddison and finds it easy to relate to her because they come from a similar background.

    Liam Hemsworth
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    "Liam feels like Maddison gets him and understands him, partly because she is also Australian. They also both share similar senses of humor," an insider told Us Weekly

    The source went on to say that dating Maddison has been "natural, fun, and easy" for Liam -- as all relationships should be in the very beginning, like this one.

  • It also seems like Liam's family is happy about this relationship, because apparently, they weren't huge fans of his marriage to Miley.

    Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth
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    The source from Us Weekly said that Liam is "trying to move on from Miley with the encouragement of his family." Yep, sounds like they're happy about this split to us. 

    But to take it a step further, it sounds like the Hemsworths may have actively disliked Miley

    "His mom is feeling so relieved that Liam made the decision to end the relationship as his entire family, but her especially, always struggled approving Miley," another source told, adding, "It’s now very important for him to have his mother’s stamp of approval and he seems to be going in a different direction with what he’s looking for in a partner this time around. He’s really listening to his mother."

  • We're happy to see Liam move on, especially because Miley has made it no secret that she has moved on herself.

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    After all, the only thing we see on our Instagram feeds anymore is Miley and Cody Simpson. (Sigh) But Maddison and Liam seem happy, and so do Miley and Cody, and isn't that the best possible outcome? 

    At this point, only time will tell if any of these couples actually end up lasting.

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