Kate Middleton Looks Stunning in Traditional & Budget-Friendly Outfit in Pakistan

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Kate Middleton
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Now that Kate Middleton and Prince William's trip to Pakistan is in full swing, it seems like it's already off to a great start. In fact, Kate wore a traditional Pakistani outfit called a "kurta," and obviously, she looked amazing. After all, this is Kate we're talking about. 

  • In a series of photos shared on the Kensington Palace Instagram, Kate looks incredible in her blue kurta.

    These photos were taken when Kate and Will visited a school called the Islamabad Model College for Girls, after which they spent time with children from local schools, where they participated in "activities designed to educate young people on environmental protection and wildlife conservation."

    "On the first full day of their visit to Pakistan, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first engagements in Islamabad championed the importance of quality education, and highlighted how girls benefit from pursuing higher education and professional careers," said the Instagram post. 

    Sounds pretty productive to us!

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  • According to Hello! Magazine, Kate's blue outfit was designed by Maheen Khan. 

    Kate Middleton
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    Her shoes and other accessories were surprisingly affordable, with New Look heels that cost about $30 USD and earrings that ran her less than $7 USD. Pretty impressive! We're gonna need Kate around next time we go shopping. 

    We also love that she dressed following the traditions of the country she was visiting, like when sister-in-law Meghan Markle wore a headscarf in Africa as a sign of respect.

  • This wasn't the only time Kate showed up in traditional dress, either. 

    As great as she looked in blue, we've gotta admit that the green is working for her, too. She wore this one to meet the prime minister and president of Pakistan, and as always, she looked absolutely stunning. 

    How is it possible that every day is a good hair day for Kate Middleton?

  • We can't wait to see more from Kate's trip. 

    Kate Middleton, Prince William in Pakistan
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    And hopefully, plenty of other style moments are on their way.

    We love that they're working with kids while they're there -- we know that's one of Will and Kate's big passions. What will they do next?