Angelina Pivarnick Posts Cryptic Message About Incident With JWoww's Boyfriend

Nancy Rivera/Splash News; Splash News

Angelina Pivarnick, Zack Carpinello, and JWoww
Nancy Rivera/Splash News; Splash News

After last week's drama on Jersey Shore involving a certain star's man, Angelina Pivarnick is speaking out. On Sunday, Angelina took to Instagram to share a post that seems to relate to everything that's been going on with JWoww and her boyfriend, Zack Carpinello. 

Seems like this lady's been going through it this week.

  • Last week, Angelina ended up in the middle of a very awkward situation in Vegas when Zack got handsy with her in the club.

    Although Jenni was too inebriated to know what was going on, Zack was busy groping Angelina ... and apparently, JWoww didn't know the full story of what had actually happened between them until this episode aired.

    JWoww broke her silence after seeing the episode, writing, "For 5 months I was kept in the dark about this. For 5 months I was naive, probably laughed at and made into a story line that will probably forever haunt me. My heart hurts on so many levels."

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  • Now, Angelina is speaking her piece ... kind of. She posted this risqué photo on Instagram, along with a quote from Audrey Hepburn.

    Angelina's caption said: 

    "I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles - Audrey Hepburn"

    "Everything seems to be going wrong" definitely appears to apply to her current situation. It's no secret that Jenni isn't thrilled with her right now. This whole thing has turned into such a disaster.

  • Meanwhile, Zack himself also responded to his behavior on Instagram. 

    It seems like this may have been enough for JWoww, because she and Zack were spotted together having a day out with her kids over the weekend. Hmm ... 

    It really looked like Jenni was about to pull the plug on this relationship, but there may be hope left for this couple yet. As for Angelina? Well, we have a feeling Jenni won't be quite as kind to her, if her previous behavior is any indication.

  • Whatever happens next hopefully won't tear the 'Jersey Shore' family apart. 

    Truly, Jerzdays would not be the same without them -- all of them.

    Hopefully, JWoww and Angelina can move past this, like they (kinda) have in the past. And we hope JWoww's keeping her eyes wide open about her relationship with Zack. After witnessing this behavior, we're not convinced he's the right guy for her.

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