Joe Giudice Looks Unrecognizable in New Pic Amid Deportation Drama

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Joe Giudice
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The Giudice family has been through a lot recently, but could things finally be looking up for them? It seems as if Joe Giudice is a lot happier these days, at least. In a new photo shared by his daughter, Gia, Joe is practically unrecognizable -- and according to insider intel, it sounds like he's coping well with the deportation drama that continues to surround him.

  • Gia took to Instagram Stories to share a new photo of her dad. He looks so happy -- and so trim!

    Then again, we can't blame him for feeling much better now that he's officially been released by ICE. 

    Earlier this year, Joe was placed in an immigrant detention center "indefinitely" after serving his 41-month sentence for fraud after a judge said that he was likely a candidate for deportation. Now, Joe is trying to appeal his deportation from Italy. The first appeal was denied in the spring, but Joe's lawyers are now trying to get a federal judge to review the case, or Joe will have to stay in the country his parents once left for good.

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  • It seems the whole family is thrilled that Joe has been freed from ICE.

    "Teresa is great spirits. She's very happy that Joe's out of ICE and grateful that her girls can FaceTime him to see him and talk to him so easily now," an insider told People. "The kids have missed their father so much and now that he's free, it feels like a weight has been lifted off them. They're ready to turn the page and start this new chapter."

    This new chapter could be a long one, though. People reports that Joe is now in Italy, where the deportation appeal will continue.

  • Reportedly, Teresa and the girls are planning a visit to Italy to see Joe soon.

    ... but that doesn't mean they aren't still planning to fight for Joe to come home. In fact, it's the opposite.

    "Joe's mood has changed too. He's much happier than he's been the past few months," the insider said. "But know this -- no one wants this as their new normal. Teresa, the girls, and Joe all want Joe home in Jersey. They're praying he wins his appeal to come back."

    Makes sense. Who wouldn't want their whole family under one roof ... or at least in the same country?

  • Joe's lawyer also reveals he's happier than "words can describe."

    "He spoke to Teresa and Gia from the plane and he is extremely happy to be released, more than words can describe," lawyer James L. Leonard Jr. said. "We are still fighting and it is his desire to return home to the United States to be reunited with his family."

  • It will be wonderful to see this family back together soon.

    It sounds like there's a long road ahead of them, but fortunately, they're all in good spirits -- that will go a long way.

    In the meantime, we'll be thinking of the Giudice family. They've been through some tough stuff, so we don't doubt they'll get through this too.