JWoww Spotted With Zack Carpinello After He Hit on 'Jersey Shore' Costar

Jenni Farley, Zack Carpinello

Well, this is ... confusing. After last week's episode of Jersey Shore, we had a feeling that JWoww and Zack Carpinello were done for good. But apparently, that's not the case. In fact, it looks like Zack and JWoww were spotted together over the weekend, looking just as coupled up as they've always been. Maybe that incident in Las Vegas that involved Angelina wasn't quite as bad as it seemed on TV?

  • On Thursday's edition of 'Jersey Shore,' Zack got real handsy with Angelina while the gang was in Vegas.

    Jenni was too drunk to realize what was going on at the time, and it was basically a disaster. The entire episode, Zack had been acting really weird around Angelina ... and this moment wasn't any better. Poor Angelina looked visibly uncomfortable with the whole thing.  

    Vinny's expression here was basically us watching this scene back. We know Zack is young (they don't call him 24 for nothin'), but really?

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  • This led to JWoww make a statement on Instagram, talking about how hurt she was after seeing the scene.

    We don't blame her one bit for feeling that way, either -- it's incredibly hurtful. And to know that Zack acted that way when Jenni wasn't conscious enough to see what he was doing has to be rough ... especially because he didn't appear to tone it down a little, even knowing that cameras were filming him at the time.

  • But apparently, Zack was at a dinosaur theme park with Jenni and her kids on Saturday.

    Even though they didn't post any photos of their day out, a witness told Us Weekly Zack joined JWoww, and her kids -- Meilani, 5, and Greyson, 3 -- as well as her dad, making s'mores and generally having a fun time together.

    "They weren't lovey dovey or touchy. They were more civil than acting like a couple, but he was affectionate and sweet with the kids," the source told the outlet. "The kids were having a great time during the music shows and enjoying playing the games. Jenni and Zack weren't showing any PDA, they were playing with the kids but didn’t seem overly affectionate. Jenni was spending most of her time watching the kids."

    Well, that sounds like they're not quite on the best terms ever ... but it's still really unexpected after how hurt Jenni's Instagram post made her out to be.

  • And of course, JWoww's ex, Roger Mathews, has thrown in his own two cents. 

    In a statement to Us Weekly that he shared last week, Roger said he wished the best for her but wanted to remain focused on their children. 

    “I want peace with my ex-wife for my kids and if there is turmoil in her life and in her household, it’s just not a good thing for our children, so I wish nothing but the best for her,” he said. “I wish them all well and I hope Jenni and Zack can work through their issues if they deem it worth saving. I’m focused on myself and my children. Onwards and upwards.”

  • We hope JWoww's doing okay.

    Whatever she decides -- whether that's proceeding with Zack or breaking out on her own -- we're behind her 100%. This lady deserves the world, so we hope she doesn't settle for less than that.

    Meanwhile, we're just ready for the drama to continue on Jersdays. We have a feeling this is just the beginning ...

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