30 of Kate Middleton's Most Expensive Outfits

30 of Kate Middleton's Most Expensive Outfits
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Kate Middleton
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Oh, the British royal family. We know Queen Elizabeth might seem like she's a frugal woman, but she does let the members of her family spend a good chunk of change -- especially on their wardrobes. Now, since she joined the royal family, Meghan Markle has received the reputation of being the big spender of the crew, and although she has definitely put a dent in the royal wallet, let's not forget the duchess who was here long before her. That's right -- Kate Middleton. Our queen of affordable clothing is also capable of wearing some expensive items. She didn't spend quite as much money in her first year as a duchess as the Duchess of Sussex did, but over the years, the Duchess of Cambridge has cost the family a good bit of cash.

But we expect it to cost a lot when someone is building a royal wardrobe, right? There are certain expectations that come with being a member of the world's most famous family, so we can't really blame Kate for having a few fashion splurges under her belt. If a woman has access to designer fashions ... she's going to wear designer clothing. It's practically science. 

But just because the Duchess of Cambridge has spent some money on her clothes over the years doesn't mean that she's flashy about it. As we all know, Kate loves to rewear her clothing, and she does so multiple times! We're going to go ahead and say that Kate doesn't buy clothes ... she invests in clothes. Sounds better, right?

So, because Meghan doesn't need to get all the blame for frequently using the family's ample resources, here are some of Kate Middleton's most expensive outfits to date.

  • The Wedding Dress

    Kate Middleton Prince William
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    Obviously, this is going to be the big one. Although Kate didn't have two separate wedding dresses like Meghan Markle did, her gorgeous lace gown set the royal family back a hefty $332,000. Most of the time, that's the cost of an entire wedding, much less just the dress.

  • Serving Up a Look

    Kate Middleton
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    Let's be honest, Kate always brings her A-game when she attends matches at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. It's definitely one of the biggest royal outings of the year, so maybe that's why Kate shelled out $1,338 for this floral dress.

  • An Expensive Rewear

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate has certainly gotten her money's worth on this one. She's reworn this gown that cost $10,000 quite a few times over the course of her time as a member of the royal family, so we're going to let this splurge slide.

  • Anything Goes in Paris

    Kate Middleton
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    When in Paris, right? Kate broke out a classic Chanel ensemble that cost a mere $10,000. Ten grand seems to be the magic number of royal outfits, and this is still less expensive than some of the dresses that Meghan Markle has sported.

  • Dishing It Out for Pippa

    Kate Middleton Prince George Princess Charlotte
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    Kate pulled out all the stops for her sister Pippa Middleton's wedding! Now, we don't know if Pippa picked out the dress herself, but if she did, it set someone back a solid $14,000. That's an expensive bridesmaid's dress if we've ever seen one.

  • The Ultimate Splurge

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate really went for it with this one. The duchess may have reworn this red military-style jacket a few times, but it still initially cost a pretty $1,020. That's definitely more than we would ever spend on one single clothing item, but well, we aren't duchesses.

  • An Irish Splurge

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate's classic St. Patrick's Day ensemble coat $4,000 (and that's just the coatdress). The duchess usually keeps her accessories to a minimum, so she doesn't usually run up the cost of an entire outfit. So she's frugal, but not exactly?

  • Dressing Up for Paddington

    Kate Middleton
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    Who doesn't want to dress up for an adorable bear? Kate sported this $465 dress when she and brother-in-law Prince Harry went to Paddington Station for an engagement. Over $400 might not be a lot for a royal to spend, but to us, it still seems like a lot of pennies for a dress.

  • The Classic LBD

    Kate Middleton
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    The ever-popular little black dress is definitely an investment every woman has to make at some point in her life, right? Although we're sure Kate has several LBDs to choose from, this little $6,000 number is definitely one of her most expensive.

  • It's All in the Heel

    Kate Middleton
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    Every woman splurges on a nice pair of shoes every now and again, right? Well, Kate has certainly done this a few times in her life, but she picked out particularly pricey footwear when she bought these $435 black boots. Perfect for winter, no?

  • A Christmas Skirt

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate definitely splurged on this holiday-themed tartan skirt, that's for sure. Just the skirt in this outfit cost around $1,100, so all attendees of the Cambridge Christmas party should have felt pretty special. We certainly hope Kate decides to rewear this one.

  • Dressing Up for Germany

    Kate Middleton
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    At first glance, this bright yellow sundress seems fairly casual. Well ... this sunny number actually set the royal family back a hefty $1,424. You're definitely going to want to break this one out again, Kate!
  • Dressed in Lace

    Kate Middleton
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    Lace has always been a favorite of Kate's (we all remember her wedding dress), but the problem with lace is that it can be extremely expensive. This pretty blue number cost the royal family $1,095, which is about average for a designer dress, it seems.

  • A Pricey Overcoat

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate usually isn't one to splurge on one small item, but it seems like this jacket must have really caught her attention. This army green tweed jacket set the royal family back $599. Luckily for them, she wears her classic army green outfits quite often.

  • Can't Go Wrong With an Evening Gown

    Kate Middleton
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    I mean ... Kate has to be allowed to splurge on evening wear, right? The duchess wore this ensemble that put over $5,000 on the royal ledger, but as far as evening gowns go, we think it was a pretty good deal. Five grand for this shimmery look? We'll take it.

  • Emerald Green Ensemble

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate's entire outfit (including the Sportmax coat) cost the royal family over $2,000, which when we think about how much Meghan's whole outfits have cost, that's really not too bad for a royal lady. Definitely still out of our price range, though.

  • Canadian Style

    Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte
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    The Cambridges took a royal tour of Canada, and when someone's way up north in North America, it's important to bundle up and stay warm. That's probably why the royals shelled out $4,000 for Kate's classic cream coatdress.

  • Breaking It Out for the Horses

    Kate Middleton
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    When the royals attend the horse races at Royal Ascot, it's prime time for elegant fashions. Kate rocked a beautiful lace dress with a matching fascinator that cost the royal family more than $4,000. Pay rent or dress like a duchess? It's a choice we must all make.

  • A Pricey Garden Party Outfit

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate's garden party ensemble for an event honoring the queen cost a little over $3,000, we're sorry to anyone who was hoping to copy this look from the duchess. Luckily, Kate has sported some more affordable looks, so we'll get her on the next one.

  • It Pays To Bundle Up

    Kate Middleton
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    This is one outfit that Kate really decided to splurge on. The duchess's gorgeous powder blue coatdress and matching accessories came with a total price tag of over $6,000. It's a good thing this duchess isn't afraid to rewear her clothes.

  • Connect the Dots

    kate middleton polka dot dress
    SOPA images/Getty

    Kate is a huge fan of polka dot dresses and even wore one to take photographs with baby George outside the hospital after he was born. The price point on this elegant version, by Alessandra Rich, is, well, rich indeed: $2300. 


  • Tap That Wardrobe Budget

    kate middleton green dress
    SAMIR HUSSEIN/AFP via Getty Images

    OK, this shimmery Missoni number is one sexy dress, and there are few among us who wouldn’t mind rocking it for that make-or-break date. But could we swing the shimmery Missoni’s intoxicating price tag of $2,100? We’d need a few more swigs at the bar to work up the courage.

  • Fit for a Queen

    kate middleton with the queen
    GEOFF PUGH/AFP via Getty Images

    What does one wear to take a stroll with Her Majesty? Well, if said person is at a flower show, said person better stick with the theme. Kate looked glorious in this ankle-length Erdem floral print dress. It's romantic, no-fuss, and so flattering -- and worth every penny of its $4,800 price tag.    

  • A Royal Price Tag

    kate middleton gucci blouse
    ARTHUR EDWARDS/AFP via Getty Images

    Kate made headlines for wearing this purple Gucci blouse backwards, and there's no telling whether she did it on purpose or accidentally. What we do know is that dropping a whooping $1,015 on a single item pretty much entitles her to wear it exactly as she chooses.

  • Sheer Delight

    kate middleton blue dress
    Samir Hussein/WireImage

    Kate wore this blue beauty to the Royal Ascot races, and it was a showstopper. At a cool $3,100, the Elie Saab dress is slightly modified for the duchess and is gorgeous. Blue is definitely Kate Middleton's color.

  • Fashion Craving

    kate middleton in erdem
    DOMINIC LIPINSKI/AFP via Getty Images
    The Duchess of Cambridge's maternity fashion has always been on point, including when she wore this $3,000 Erdem lace flower midi dress to a fashion event in 2018. We don't blame her a bit for indulging. The woman endured extreme morning sickness during three pregnancies.  
  • O Canada!

    kate middleton in mcqueen
    Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

    When Kate toured Canada in 2016, she wore a stunning red and white tiered dress by her favorite design house, Alexander McQueen, which she's turned to time and again for important occasions -- like her wedding. Some say the $5,000 dress was a subtle nod to the Canadian flag.

  • Sunset Sparkle 

    kate middleton packham gown
    Stephen Pond/Getty Images

    Dating back to 2011, this nude-hued Jenny Packham gown was among the first stunners that Kate wore as a member of the royal family. She's reworn it several times, which is smart, considering the $4,500 price tag -- and it's still 100% breathtaking. 

  • Ring It Up

    kate middleton plaid dress
    Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

    There are certain go-to designers that Kate can count on to look fabulous, and Canadian Erdem is one of them. But that doesn't necessarily mean she gets friend prices. This clever, deconstructed and updated plaid dress cost an unfriendly $2,400.

  • Very Groovy

    kate middleton gucci dress
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    This instantly iconic Gucci dress is totally unlike anything the duchess has ever worn -- retro and totally of the moment at the same time. For Kate, it was a standout fashion moment, one that cost a hefty chunk of change: $2,400 out of the pocket of Prince Charles, who pays for Kate's clothes.

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