Kate Middleton Reportedly Fired Her Personal Assistant Out of Nowhere & Meghan Markle Gets the Blame

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There's no denying it: This is kind of weird. Recently, it was reported that Kate Middleton fired a long-time aide seemingly out of nowhere. And instead of reports churning out about how Kate Middleton is a "diva" -- which is what happens any time a member of Meghan Markle's staff has left -- the Duchess of Sussex is actually being blamed for the firing! Yes, really!

  • Sophie Agnew (left) worked as a personal assistant to the Duchess of Cambridge for over seven years. 

    Sophie Agnew
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    Just recently, though, when she returned from her honeymoon, she found herself without a job. Understandably, she was caught off guard. 

    A friend of Sophie's told the Daily Mail: "Sophie worked so hard for Kate. She loved her job and made a lot of sacrifices."

    Agnew was so close with the duchess that she regularly appeared in the background of photos, carrying flowers and such. 

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  • Why did Agnew lose her job? According to the Daily Mail, because of the split between the Sussexes and Cambridges. 

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    Apparently, after it became obvious that Prince William and Kate Middleton were separating themselves from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Agnew's job became obsolete. 

    "Her role has been made redundant as a results of the split of the two households," a senior-level source revealed, adding, "She will not be replaced."

    Hmmm ... something's not adding up here.

  • Again, Agnew had been with Kate for seven years -- that's many years before Meghan Markle ever entered the picture. 

    sophie agnew
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    Why would the division of the houses render her job redundant if she had responsibilities to the duchess for years? (The Cambridges have an upcoming royal tour, don't forget!) Also -- not that we don't love the Duchess of Cambridge with all our hearts -- why isn't Kate Middleton being branded as "difficult" after losing an aide? Also, why is this indirectly being blamed on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?! 

    Doesn't seem fair. Poor Meghan can't catch a break!

  • According to royal sources, Agnew was completely blind-sided by the news -- and no one seems to fully understand the decision. 

    "Everyone's been really shocked because it was so unexpected," an insider said. "It seems like extreme cost-cutting. She will not be replaced."

    Hmm ... 

    Extreme cost-cutting? Maybe. But we have a feeling something else is going on here.