Lauren Duggar Shares an Instagram Post About Pregnancy Loss

Lauren Duggar

The loss of a pregnancy is always really tough, and now, Lauren Duggar is opening up again about her miscarriage experience from last year. In a new post on Instagram, Lauren shared a message about pregnancy loss, and even though it's heartbreaking, it's awesome to see the Counting On star reaching out to other mamas who may have been through the same thing. 

  • She shared an image of clothes for her daughter-to-be in a basket, along with a heartfelt message.

    "Sending love this month to any parent who has lost a baby," Lauren wrote. "Losing a little life at any stage is heartbreaking and devastating and should not go unnoticed. For all you mamas, yes, even you mamas who’s arms have never had the chance to hold your babies -- you're a Mama! Remember, that you are loved. You are a warrior. You are not alone. You are not forgotten."

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  • Lauren and Josiah first opened up about their miscarriage earlier this year -- both on 'Counting On' and online.

    At the time, Lauren wrote: 

    "Our expectations of setting up a baby room, hearing the heart beat, feeling the baby's first kick in mommys tummy, holding our little one and getting to to see our precious baby were -- Shattered. Gone. Right before our eyes. Even though our sweet child is no longer with us, it is such a comfort to know that one day we will get to see our baby in Heaven!"

    We know it was a horrible experience for her, and we're really glad she's about to welcome her rainbow baby. 

  • So far, everything seems to be going well with Lauren's current pregnancy. 

    She and Josiah must be so excited to meet their little girl when she arrives sometime in November -- the anticipation has to be huge! 

    But they've been sharing tons of updates so far, and we know those updates will keep coming once baby is here.

  • We know Lauren will always remember her first pregnancy, but we also know she's excited about this one. 

    Baby Asa will always have a place in her heart, and now that she's about to welcome her baby girl, we know she's going to truly soak in finally being a mom. 

    We're rooting for her and Josiah. Let's meet this baby!