Jenna Dewan Sparks Engagement Rumors With New Photo

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Jenna Dewan
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Now that Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are expecting their first child together, are they planning a wedding, too? There's growing speculation that Jenna and Steve are engaged ... all because she was spotted wearing a ring on that finger.

(Yep, that seems like a pretty solid clue.)

  • On Wednesday, Jenna was seen wearing two gold rings on her Instagram Stories as she flipped through her new book, 'Gracefully Yours.' 

    As Marie Claire originally pointed out, Jenna doesn't typically wear rings on that finger, so this certainly seems to be a new development.

    They're so sparkly!

    And because there are two rings, does that mean she's married?

    We have so many questions!

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  • Jenna and Steve have been together a while, so we wouldn't be surprised if this was happening.

    These two are the cutest, and even though they do still try to keep their relationship as private as possible -- following Jenna Dewan's high-profile marriage to Channing Tatum -- we don't blame Jenna for that at all.

    Every clue they've dropped along the way confirms that they're totally meant to be.

    Steve Kazee and Jenna just keep looking so happy together. It wouldn't be the biggest shock ever if they are engaged ...

  • And lately, Jenna's been all about showing off her bump. 

    This behind-the-scenes look from her People shoot was just too gorgeous, and we need to see more ASAP. 

    We know Jenna's already an awesome mom to 6-year-old Everly, and we don't doubt she's going to be great with her next little one as well.

  • When Jenna or Steve decide to fill us in, we're ready.

    These two are the most adorable couple, and if they're planning to walk down the aisle ... we're here for it. If they want to know our feelings on the subject, we think Everly would make a great flower girl.

    Just saying!

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