Kendra Duggar Shows Off Her Baby Bump on the Beach

Kendra Duggar, Garrett Duggar, Joseph Duggar

It's almost time for Kendra Duggar to welcome her second child into the world, and now, she's sharing the sweetest update. Kendra's new bump update photo was taken on the beach, and we're having a hard time processing the fact that members of the Duggar fam actually went to the beach. That's a new one! 

  • In the pic, Kendra, Joseph, and Garrett are posing in front of the water.

    How sweet is this?! The Counting On family looks so happy, and Kendra's bump is adorable in her pretty sundress. 

    We know that in their younger years, the Duggar kids were kept away from situations where they might see a "Nike" -- situations where women may be dressed "immodestly" by the conservative standards of the Duggar family. But now that Joe's all grown up, he's expanding his horizons, apparently. 

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  • But it seems like they were on a Caldwell family vacation, not a Duggar one. 

    There's Kendra with her mom and sister -- maybe her side of the family grew up with more mainstream family vacations like this one, unlike Joe's conservative fam? 

    Either way, it looks like they had a blast, and we love that they're out there enjoying this time before they add another baby to their brood. And as for the rest of the Duggars? Well, they've been in California, visiting Jeremy and Jinger.

  • It looked like Garrett had a ton of fun, too. 

    As Kendra pointed out in her caption, this is Garrett and his uncle Isaiah -- who just so happens to be five months younger than Garrett. 

    Regardless of their relationship, it seems like it's really good for the kids to have family members around who are the same age, and these cuties are adorable. 

  • Looks like Joe and Kendra had a great vacation. Next stop: A new baby. 

    We can't wait to meet their second kiddo, who is due to arrive in November. They've got this baby boy thing down, but this time around, they're having a daughter, and we can't wait to see how sweet Garrett will be with his little sister.