Kylie Jenner's Bikini Pics With Baby Stormi Are Getting a Ton of Backlash

Kylie Jenner

It's a rare moment that Kylie Jenner isn't getting called out for something, and this time, it has to do with a throwback picture she shared on Instagram. On Wednesday, Kylie got backlash for a bikini pic, and some of the comments are a lot

On one hand, we get where they're coming from. On the other hand, it's gotta get exhausting for Kylie to deal with so many haters on such a regular basis. 

  • It all started when Kylie shared photos from a trip she took last year with Stormi. 

    Anyone who follows Kylie has seen these all before -- she and Stormi are in swimsuits, and in general just hanging out in the sun and being adorable together.

    But in some of the photos where Kylie's showing off her bod, some people aren't happy with the message she's sending. 

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  • Some think Kylie is promoting an unrealistic standard of beauty.

    Which is true -- most people don't look like this naturally. Kylie's butt-to-waist ratio isn't quite how things usually occur in nature, but then again, it's not exactly news if a member of the Kardashian-Jenner fam had help with their bod from a surgeon or two. 

  • And speaking of surgeons, it seems others are wishing Kylie would be more forthcoming.

    We highly doubt Kylie -- or many women who have had cosmetic procedures -- are going to be that publicly open about what they've had done. 

    Do most women look like Kylie? No. Is it great to promote that kind of bod to girls who may be struggling with their own body image? Maybe not. But Kylie's also allowed to post photos of herself on her own Instagram account.

  • Either way, the photos are cute, and Stormi couldn't possibly look more happy.

    Isn't that all that matters? Maybe we can cut Kylie a break. After all, she is coping with her breakup from Travis Scott right now. Can we all go easy on her for awhile? 

    Kylie, keep rocking it. And as for the rest of us? Well, we know that her body isn't the most realistic one ... but it looks good on her anyway.